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My Journey Towards Mastery - A Success!'s Thumbnail

My Journey Towards Mastery - A Success!

MiddlegamerUmesh 23 days ago

Hello Guys! In this second blog of this possibly never ending series, I am here to tell you about my study plan, which I talked about in my previous blog, has been a great success I find time for it and it is an ideal study plan. Today, I wou...

Path To Chess Prosperity #5: Tactically Up And Down's Thumbnail

Path To Chess Prosperity #5: Tactically Up And Down

EOGuel 24 days ago

Hello, ladies and gentleman. Whew... my past few "Chess Prosperity" posts have been tournament analysis, and finally, I can actually update you guys on my study plan!  Well, some of you know I have been coached for a while by a N...

My win against Alexander Beliavsky's Thumbnail

My win against Alexander Beliavsky

IM Juraldo 25 days ago

My analysis of the recent game against the chess legend and formerly one of the best players in the world, Alexander Beliavsky. The video is here: https://youtu.be/MjbnLjSBLTg   I would appreciate the support for the videos I am making,...

Training Diary - An Introduction's Thumbnail

Training Diary - An Introduction

FM MichiganEagle 27 days ago

Hello! My name is Seth Homa and I am a FIDE Master with two IM-Norms. That is annoying, because three is required for the International Master title. This is something I would very much like to change next year. This blog will hopefully help ...

My Journey Towards Mastery - Introduction's Thumbnail

My Journey Towards Mastery - Introduction

MiddlegamerUmesh 27 days ago

Hello Everyone! It has been a while since I wrote a blog and I am happy to be back. As the the title, and the image suggest, I am going to talk to you about my chess plans. I am a 13 year old right now, and if I do wish to pursue chess, I must be ...

The Woes Of The Open Kingside's Thumbnail

The Woes Of The Open Kingside

EOGuel 29 days ago

Hello, fellow chess readers! I would like to thank @jpaul_lyons for submitting the game below for analysis. White played an interesting variation of the Grand Prix attack (which is where White plays f4 against the Sicilian). He generated...

The Pirc against the London system's Thumbnail

The Pirc against the London system

IM attilaturzo 30 days ago

In this game my opponent was the hungarian international master Emil Szalanczy. He is famous about his attacking style, played a lot of nice dragon games.   I played the London sytem with Nc3 and he continued to...

Discussion With FM Alisa Melekhina On Her New Book's Thumbnail

Discussion With FM Alisa Melekhina On Her New Book

IM Anna_Rudolf Oct 19, 2017

Anna Rudolf: Alisa, the Chess.com community is certainly familiar with your chess work, you are the author of some of the most instructive chess videos on the site, and the readers also see you regularly on the banner of Titled Tuesdays. What p...

Breaking the pawn structure's Thumbnail

Breaking the pawn structure

IM attilaturzo Oct 19, 2017

In the last game of the tournament I played with hungarian international master Zoltan Nemeth, who is the publisher of the hungarian chess magazine Sakkvilag.   He played the Be3 line of the closed sicilian. I missed the move order and played ...

Active queen against rook, bishop and knight's Thumbnail

Active queen against rook, bishop and knight

IM attilaturzo Oct 18, 2017

I played the next game against the hungarian international master Sandor Farago               I played the London system and he played c5 and early b5 pawn sacrifice. He could win it back with a close to equal position, but decided to no...

Send In Your Games!'s Thumbnail

Send In Your Games!

EOGuel Oct 17, 2017

Hello, guys and gals! Well... I just got off a big post, and am kinda bored with nothing to do!  Haha! Just kidding! But in the meantime, feel free to send me in any games you would like looked at/analyzed by this blogger, and po...

The Maroczy reloaded's Thumbnail

The Maroczy reloaded

IM attilaturzo Oct 17, 2017

My 14 year old hungarian opponent Tamas Ongut decided to play the Maroczy Bind against me. I suspected his preparation and played a different move, than in the game before to prevent his possible exchanges.  He sacrificed a pawn for some attack...

Pressure in the Maroczy Bind's Thumbnail

Pressure in the Maroczy Bind

IM attilaturzo Oct 16, 2017

Against the tournament leader, national master Gabriel Bick I played the hyper accelerated dragon and he decided to build up the Maroczy Bind.                              I had a hard time under the pressure and in a given moment I...

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