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Game-A-Day (August 28, 2017)'s Thumbnail

Game-A-Day (August 28, 2017)

NM ih8sens 25 days ago

I didn't get a chance to play one yesterday, so sorry for the wait! This game was okay.  My opponent completely blew it early but my conversion wasn't so good. What I learned: The early Nbd7 idea screws up all of white's tr...

Miniature Win's Thumbnail

Miniature Win

This week I was paired with SirIvanhoe: fellow moderator, and the person making a lot of things happen at the Slow Chess League.  A quick look at the game might give the impression that you could hear a pin drop until the very end, ...

Aranytiz round 7 - Winning in the exchange slav's Thumbnail

Aranytiz round 7 - Winning in the exchange slav

IM attilaturzo 26 days ago

In the exchange slav I always had a great result. White players tend to play for a draw by exchanges, but in the long run they make mistakes and I won many games in the endgame. This happened again in round 7 against Bianka Havanecz a woman inter...

Aranytiz round 6 - Draw against a Grandmaster's Thumbnail

Aranytiz round 6 - Draw against a Grandmaster

IM attilaturzo 26 days ago

In round 6 I played with white against International Grandmaster Boris Kantsler from Israel. I got a small edge in the opening against the Philidor defense. Then I made a natural looking move, I moved out from a pin, but my other piece became pi...

Game-A-Day (August 25, 2017)'s Thumbnail

Game-A-Day (August 25, 2017)

NM ih8sens 27 days ago

This wasn't as fun as yesterday.  I didn't play well but my opponent wasn't very good... again. I learned: I need to learn some Stonewall theory.  What a waste of my life, but people still play it so... The endgame that I've ...

How did I lose a winning position's Thumbnail

How did I lose a winning position

IM Juraldo 27 days ago

My position (playing white) is technically wining but my last move 66.c4?? was a horrible blunder. How did black take advantage of it? Black to play and win.

Aranytiz round 5 - Trapped in the opening's Thumbnail

Aranytiz round 5 - Trapped in the opening

IM attilaturzo 27 days ago

In round 5 my oppoennt played an unusual line in against the sicilian defense, which I dealt with in some blitz games with bad result. I studies some games about the line before our match, but I allowed a nice piece sacrifice and continued to pla...

While a 13 Year Old Was Shot, We Practiced.'s Thumbnail

While a 13 Year Old Was Shot, We Practiced.

beth_thrasher 28 days ago

Tonight, the Wingfield Chess Team made its last preparations before leaving for Belzoni, Mississippi Saturday morning to kick off our competition season... down the street, a 16 year old shot a 13 year old. (Above:  Teaching Greg Bugh...

Game-A-Day (Aug. 24, 2017)'s Thumbnail

Game-A-Day (Aug. 24, 2017)

NM ih8sens 28 days ago

So I've decided to start blogging again.  I think I have an idea for improving my chess, and that's to play one (only one) 15 minute game every day.  I'll then study the game in depth and post my work on my blog.   The goal is ...

Did Garry Kasparov Underperform?'s Thumbnail

Did Garry Kasparov Underperform?

EOGuel 29 days ago

I know this is somewhat overdue... but never too late to say sorry!  Among the most anticipated chess events in this chess age was the stunning return of former World Champion Garry Kasparov in competitive chess (St. Louis Rapid/Blitz ev...

Welcome to the Arena: A New Kind of Chess Tournament!'s Thumbnail

Welcome to the Arena: A New Kind of Chess Tournament!

News 30 days ago

We’re so excited to introduce a brand new kind of tournament in Live Chess this week: Arena tournaments! What are they all about? Glad you asked!… First of all, here’s what Arenas are definitely NOT about: waiting for the next...

Aranytiz round 3 - Checkmated's Thumbnail

Aranytiz round 3 - Checkmated

IM attilaturzo 30 days ago

In round 3, I played the scotch which I studied 20 years ago and used to become an international master, but did not like it. After his 5..Nf6, I got a new idea of Qe2 to prevent black's usual development.  I missed his Ba6 idea to prevent my sho...

Aranytiz round 2 - Piece sacrifice's Thumbnail

Aranytiz round 2 - Piece sacrifice

IM attilaturzo Aug 21, 2017

In round 2 I was able to sacrifice a bishop to open the position of my opponent, but I played too slow and he was able to give back the bishop and exchange queens to save the game. I tried other 20 moves, but it was a draw: In round 3 I will pl...

Chess University Hiring + Executive Positions's Thumbnail

Chess University Hiring + Executive Positions

GeniusKJ Aug 20, 2017

Chess University, Inc. continues to reach new milestones and is revolutionizing chess education. As of this month, we are the world's first organization to offer live, graded, in-school elective chess classes that are taught entirely online. Our f...

Morphy and Me's Thumbnail

Morphy and Me

ArnieChipmunk Aug 20, 2017

One of the very first chess books I bought was Morphy's Games of Chess (1957) by Philip W. Sergeant. This book (I was 14 years old when I read it) made a lasting impression on me - I've been fascinated by the chess genius from New Orleans eve...

Aranytiz round 1- Positional pawn sacrifice's Thumbnail

Aranytiz round 1- Positional pawn sacrifice

IM attilaturzo Aug 19, 2017

In the tournament there is an international grandmaster from Israel, two international masters from Hungary, a FIDE-master from England, a FIDE-master from Hungary, a woman international master from Hungary and a candidate-master from Vietnam. Yo...

Aranytiz tournament starts today's Thumbnail

Aranytiz tournament starts today

IM attilaturzo Aug 18, 2017

Today I start to play in a tournament. It will be a round robin tourney with 10 players and 9 rounds. I solved a lot of tactical exercises to improve my calculation. I wish I can use it and win nice games in the tourney!

A Wild Game's Thumbnail

A Wild Game

GM alexcolovic Aug 17, 2017

What could have been my immortal game. Alas... http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/08/a-wild-game/

My New Video's Thumbnail

My New Video

GM alexcolovic Aug 14, 2017

My new video is out here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUheQ-_8dz4 It's about possible Black reactions against the minority attack in the Carlsbad structure. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

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