Queen Hunters

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Nov 4, 2020
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Hey there!

We invite you to join Queen Hunters!!

We are a fast-growing club with 1000+ members!!! Join and help us reach higher goals! We are very active and strive to be even more active in the future! Help us and join now!

We have over 2000+ match points and a strong daily club happy.png

Everyone is welcome here!

Why should you join us?

  • We are always active!
  • We have a lot of fun stuff, such as, jokes, riddles, puzzles, tournaments and vote chess and you can participate in everything! We also have science, chess educational blogs, and you can help our club grow by joining!
  • You can also share your opinions and views with everyone and learn from others! You can share your blogs with everyone!
  • If you want a job you can ask any of the SA's

Hope you have fun!

Also, our goal right now is 1200 members! So, please do join us and help us reach our goal!

(If you have questions about the club before joining, ask @CongoratsUlost2me )

Free Logo and trophy giveaways will be also held.

We organize daily matches, live matches and Vote Chess regularly.

Q♥u♥e♥e♥n♥ H♥u♥n♥t♥e♥r♥s♥

Website of Queen Hunter.



And we hope to see you in the club!!happy.png

Join this club now & HAVE MORE FUN!

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