Slow LIVE Chess Association 2

349 Members
Mar 17, 2020
6 Events Played

Do you often struggle to find a good game at classical (longer!) time control on the internet?

If so, then this is for you. The Slow LIVE Chess Association is one of the most active Club on ChessDotCom for promoting LIVE chess at classical time control.

Each Saturday and Sunday, our Club arranges G25-25 live and G45-45 live game events between players of similar ELO.

We also sponsor live 45-45 negotiated tournaments where the participants look for a mutual, suitable time to their game. One full week per game is allowed for the discussion and the game. The first round will begin May 9 of 2023 and the Registration Forum has just opened.

All this to happen on ChessDotCom. We are the Association for Classical Time Control Players. Reserve your spot right into the action. Come join the crowd and play!


Arranging Slow LIVE Chess Games For The Passionates On ChessDotCom