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Supreme Tactics

Supreme Tactics

Founded: Jun 15, 2009
Members: 63
This is another group that is in association with Supreme Pawns, Supreme Chess and Team Supreme. This group is for players rated 1300+ but if you are rated lower you can still join this group. We will be having Vote Chess, Team Matches, Manuel Tournaments (from time to time), Puzzles etc. I hope you have a great time in this group and I invite you to join the other supreme Groups.


  • Online 2 hrs ago

    Bert Hollander | Limmen, Netherlands

    Joined Club: Jun 26, 2009

  • Online 1 hr ago

    Alfred Awe | Alta Vista VIllage, Belize

    Joined Club: Jun 19, 2009

  • Online Aug 24, 2012

    Chris Moovy | New York, United States

    Joined Club: Jun 20, 2009

  • Online 9 days ago

    Andy Chen | New Jersey, United States

    Joined Club: Jun 19, 2009


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