Variants United

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Jan 16, 2024
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Hello and welcome to Variants United. Here we are all about representing. Representing the club and our chess knowledge for the greater good! Join us today for an awesome chance to become part of your first true chess family! Our motto is Strength, Honor, And Unity.  Because Together is Better! We all recognize each other, and we help each other grow into strong chess players! Here we love our variants so much we have many arena's a year just to celebrate variants! But not just variants, we also hold many bullet, blitz, rapid, and especially daily tournaments every month! Come, join us and live your best chess life now!


                                                - Why you should join-

  1.  we hold many daily tournaments to participate in
  2. we are a vote chess-oriented club so you will learn from higher elo
  3. we are a family- we all care about each other and help each other improve
  4. we will hold membership races
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