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Post a picture of your best, most expensive chess set, that you own

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    ChessAuthor wrote:

    Loubalch, thanks for the info. I wasn't aware that Red Sandalwood was so controversial. I was lucky enough to get my set in the late 90s or early 2000s.


    I got my red sandal set about 3-4 years ago. Dealer was clearing out some NOS (New old stock) sets that had be sitting on the shelf for a long time, maybe 10+ years, as the color had already darkened to a beautiful burgundy, like yours.

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    ChessAuthor wrote:

    The HoS Centurion Series. 4" King, Boxwood and Red Sandalwood. I really like the heft of the pieces.



    Now that is a very beautiful set!!! One I could never afford.

    Stories of Christmas Past... I bought my set back in 2009 at the start of the "Great Recession" when HOS still offered the Collector Series w/4" King in Boxwood and Rosewood. It was too expensive for my taste. But HOS was trying to lure people into buying their sets.  I ended up buying it during their Christmas SALE. Given it was 2009, I think they offered me a 20% discount, plus they offered to upgrade the included Chess Box which I upgraded to the Coffer.  Add to that they allowed me put it on Layaway and it was just too good a deal to pass up.

    Likewise with the Custom made board. Think I had it made in 2010. The maker had a 20% discount going, and we worked together to create what is truly a work of Art. Between the Purple Heart, the Rosewood, and the Bloodwood the RED colors pop out; likewise the Curly Maple and the Boxwood complement each other really well, and both are tied together by the Spalted Maple corners and delimiter.

    I have a very unique set: HOS no longer makes the the Collector's Set in Boxwood and Rosewood, and today it sells the set ONLY in the expensive woods; and the Board is truly a one of a kind.

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    Thanks, azbobcat! Yours sounds great too. I love the Collector series. You should post a pic! Let's see that custom board.

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    My only set - recently acquired but I love it!

    HOS Sultan Series...that Knight!







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    ChessAuthor wrote:

    Thanks, azbobcat! Yours sounds great too. I love the Collector series. You should post a pic! Let's see that custom board.


    OK here you go:




    Here is the Custom Board.


    And here is just the Board and Set




    I probably should re-shoot these pictures at some point. The "Black" Pieces are really Rosewood. I shot this with a disposable camera. I really should shoot this outdoors in natural light. The playing surface was finished in Satin finish, while the Boarder was finished in Gloss. Due to my Parkinson's, I had rubber "feet" added to adsorb any shock from bumping while trying to set it down.  The thing I like about the Collector Series are those wide bases. A buddy tried to lay down the king only to have it self right itself. 



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    1855 3.5” Jaques set and English board:


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    Beautiful board and pieces, azbobcat! They just look exquisite! 

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    Oddly my favorite set for everyday use is another HOS set. Their very HEAVY PLASTIC 3.75" Marshall Set in Black and Natural which when put on a Rosewood and Tiger Maple veneer board with brass corners, and viewed from about 5-7 feet away *looks* like a very expensive WOOD set. When paired with the ubiquitous GREEN and WHITE vinyl roll-up board travels well and can take a REAL BEATING. Add a Chronos chess clock and fit in a large Premier Tournament Chess Set Bag and I have the Ultimate Road Warrior set. I bring out the wood set when I want to impress someone.


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