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How do you go through lower rated chess mentor courses? I heard they were aimed at 2000 rated players, or there abouts.


Perhaps a move by move on the main lines of major opening systems with commentary on the "whys" of each move? Or does that one already exist and I don't realize it?Embarassed

woodshover wrote:

How do you go through lower rated chess mentor courses? I heard they were aimed at 2000 rated players, or there abouts.

I just sort them them by difficulty, from easiest to hardest, and I go through them one by one. I only skipped the first one which is really basic (like teaching you how to move pieces), but doing all the others. They are by no mean for 2000 rated players, they start from the very basics and go up to master level indeed, but there is a lot of meat for us "lowbies" Wink

@ David: many thanks for your kind words and encouragement, I really appreciate you taking the time to post!


I didn't know you culd sort them out, but I just did the free samples.


All gambit repertoire for Black

Gambits lead to fun, intense games and I do think playing gambits is a great way to learn to appreciate developement, initiative etc


..... and of course "Training To-Do-lists" for players of different strengths!


How about instruction on how to analyze games, your own and others?  And how to decide what to emphasize in one's study?

Fat_Daddy wrote:

How about instruction on how to analyze games, your own and others?  And how to decide what to emphasize in one's study?

Great Suggestions, Mr Fat_Daddy!


interesting topic farbror, and oh so happy to see you back :)

fat_daddy, i think that's an extremely important topic, but we are planning to address that through video lessons rather than chess mentor. once those come out, let us know if they are insufficient and you think we should try via chess mentor.


Greek gift Sac


"The 25 Endgames you have to know before you reach ...."

and the sequel "25 more Endgames for you to know"


David-Neff, I think the big problem with doing a Chess Mentor series on the Greek Gift sac is that you know that such a sacrifice is in the air i.e. always the move or the threat. It seems much better-suited to be in Tactics Trainer, where I'm pretty sure there already are several problems on the subject.


the one way to do that might be to have some positions where it works and some where it doesn't. and ask you to look ahead and tell whether it does or not. might be a little narrow, but probably doable as a ~10-12 lesson course.


Hi David:

I would be most interested in the following Chess Mentor Courses:

1) A comprehensive course on the Slav/Semi-Slav from opening to typical middle-game and ending positions,

 2) a really good endgame course for people who have already completed the existing endgame King & Pawn, and Rook endgame courses,

3) a really good defense and counterattack course similar to GM Wolf's videotape I got from my local library!

4) a pawn structures course similar to Danny Rensch's video series. Videos do not work as well for me as the Chess Mentor courses, and I do not have to worry about the noise bothering other people.

Chess Mentor is the reason that I joined, and therefore I hope you keep all these great courses coming.




We are publishing a really good endgame course tomorrow for people who have completed the existing courses you cite.

I have also already ordered a defense/counterattack course, which should hopefully fit the bill, but unsure when it will be ready.

Thanks for the suggestions!!



Hello David:

Wow! Thanks for the quick response!


"How to build on an opening advantage"

Some examples of how to convert a sub-optimal opening response by your opponent into a tangible advantage for you (for well-known openings)

I second all those who cite Chess Mentor as the reason they joined


Oh and a course on the Pirc please !



I think it would be great if you guys did a course on Slav defense. This opening is one of the most popular at the moment, so it's a bit surprising that there isn't a course on it.

I also would like to see a course on a Catalan.

And more of Daniel Rensch, please =)



not all that surprising, given how long it would take to cover all the major openings via chess mentor courses, when we publish one per month, and chess mentor is not necessarily the best vehicle for teaching an opening. just covering one line of the scotch requires three courses for IM Rensch! and as you pointed out, there's also no course on the catalan-- and you could name a dozen other major openings that are not covered.

not trying to be argumentative!!! i appreciate the suggestion and am definitely taking every one into account.