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How to Blast out Kings gambit???

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    What was the time control? Anyway, I don't know how you analysed this game, but computer disagrees.

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    Thanks for the analysis. I have a question though. On 9...f3 why not 10.gxf3 gxf3 11.Qxf3 (white seems to be holding the position)

    or 10...Qh3+ 11.Ke1 gxf3 12. Qf1? Is this ok for white? didn't analysed the position deeply, just popped into my head. Thanks again for the analysis!

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    here is why

    this is what I think about the computer analysis, just look at the lines.

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    Sorry alex, but if you saw in the other thread whatupyodog got banned Laughing. Guess you can only challenge Gavinator.

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    Yeah whatupyodog is banned, I guess you're not allowed to be better then other players or share new ideas on chess.com, it's a shame really...

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    no you are not allowed to cuss incessantly.

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    if being a better player than someone was a crime, then I along with you along with everyone who isn't lenny bongcloud would have been banned.

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    He used a new idea effectively and got banned for it, sounds pretty unfair to me.

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    But these people were actually being very rude to us, you were one of them alexlaw, yet nothing happens to you. Just like Americans, oppress the minority...

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    I wasn't being rude, or alexlaw, or wafflemaster. Christian sodier and jetfighter might have gotten a tad rude, but only in response to whatupyodog's insults and laughing at there chess skills, which is reasonable. You and him were the one's being rude Gavinator, saying things like: "I guess you're not allowed to be better then other players... on chess.com", and calling us "garbage" and cussing, etc.

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    Jetfighter and Christiansoldier posted garbage boards. I just told them how it is, would you rather me tell them "It's great stuff to hang pieces in the first 10 moves! Keep on doing it!"

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    and how is making an occasional blunder rude, I do think that it needs to be worked on, but still its not like its the end of the world.

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    It's rude to waste my time like that.

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    This is what computer thinks about your lines. Also, I am not going to re-analyse this. It's not that difficult to get a program yourself and do it (it's also useful for you). If you think that you know better than a 3000ish rated program, that's up to you.

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    Ok I was doing that late at night, forgot my king was on f1 not e1 and well honestly I miss a lot of things anyway. didn't see those. good points. thanks for showing a continued analysis.

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    obviously does not play that normally

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    Thanks for all the computer analysis. Thanks for answering my questions!


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    the double muzio is fun alright, always make sure to look at your opponents face when you play this though.

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    most people who play will just look at you strange, like this can't be good, or they may do one of those like WTF looks at the board

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