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How to defend 1. e4 c5 2. e5?! ...

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    zezpwn44 wrote:

    I came across this one in a game today.  I belive it's not recommended for white, but wasn't quite sure how to defend it. It ended up with an exchange of 2 pawns from both of us, and white's queen in the middle of the board.  Not quite what I wanted from a questionable opening for white... I still won the game though =p.


    Once again, the first couple moves were (I was black) ...


    1. e4 c5 (sicilian defense(

    2. e5?! Nc6


    I forget what happened from there.  It wasn't an online game and I typically don't record casual games such as this one.  What's a good black defense for this white opening?


    I have just checked out your ratings at various speeds.  You are strong enough to punish this inferior move at the board.  It is not something that needs to be prepared for.  After White has wasted a developing move, given up control of f5, d5 and the White squares in general, and offered Black a target for pawn levers you are hardly looking at "defence"!


    It is simply inferior for White. He has at least half a dozen good alternatives yet chooses this blooper!  You just have to avoid being tricked into transposing into the Advance French.

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    Opening Explorer give lines that transpose from this. Black seems to score very highly playing his light squared bishop out of the pawn chain - assuming white seeks an Advance French game. Here is one game that could have arisen after 1e4 c5 2e5 c5 3c3 d5 4d4 etc


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