Is f6 really that bad?


I would welcome f6 every game from my opponent. As long as he has the black pieces, that is.

iRio wrote:

But I play chess not against Leela but against human. And human will be want punish weak mode 1....f6. And it is chance for a black player. At first 1...f6 is weak but not "so weak". At second, after 1...f6 there are very uncommon pawn structure and is not so easy to find correct plans.

Lol, I just look at wiki of the guy , he was a player from 19 century Lol.The moves you showed are like skill of 2000-2200 at most at today standard of play.


It doesnt  matter whether you play vs 1000, 2000, or 3500 machine, principles of chess is the same. 


Look at the examples of moves from white player, they  are utterly aimless pawn moves or moves without synergy or plan.


It was only examples where white do not play well. In database are better white's moves too. For example there is black really worse (but game is not lost):



oh i sparked a huge debate

Anyways, I playtested it against a CM and a NM, both 2200 blitz. I scored about 37% both matches,so it isn't unplayable.


Wouldn't recommend it OTB tho

CovertWibWib wrote:

Sure, but you could score 37% against IMs and many GMS with the bongcloud so that might not be saying much

my bongcloud record is just under 29%


I had a mouse slip..1. f3 ( plan was Nf3). in my bullet. But my opponent is 2100+ only and I was lucky.