online opening tutorials?




Are there any online tutorials that teach how openings go and explain some things? I found a few, but they don't really explain stuff. Thank you very much!


And I have a specific question about one opening, a variation of the french defense in a game of Alekhine vs Nimzowitch:







wouldn't a natural response of black be 

 5... cxd4   6. Nb5  Bc5

with black leading a pawn and no significant positional disadvantage? 


Have a look through youtube.. i've found some really good stuff there on opening tutorials. Plus, it means you get talke through the moves while you watch the board.



I have to admit that I don't like reading things on screen - I much prefer paper for studying! Do you guys know of any good books for someone who enjoys chess but hasn't had any training and doesn't know the formal notations (but is willing to learn!)