Recommendation for Opening against 1...e5

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    Likhit1 wrote:

    You are so pathetic!Because your chess knowledge is no match for his,u r making comments on his appearance!You are really lame.

    No, he isn't lame. Just an ignorant goofy, rated some 400 points below my cat.

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    chesslover1995 wrote:
    pfren wrote:

    No. The best Anti-Marshall is most probably the Yates (8.d4 d6 9.c3 Bg4 10.Be3) where chances are equal, but the play is lively.

    8.a4 is a scaled-down 6.d3 Spanish (white has commited himself to Rf1-e1 a tad too early), while 8.d3 is even more harmless.

    The bearded wonder makes yet another appearance:


    The brainless wonder makes another appearance.

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    pfren wrote:

    Scotch four knights for new players, plain Scotch for later.

    Although (IMO) the only real challenge to 1...e5! is the Ruy Lopez.

    Studying the Ruy will not elevate your rating, at least short-term. However, it will definitely make you a better player- the positions to study are a real chess school- incredibly rich strategically, yet full of unexpected tactics.

    The King's gambit is an opening from the past- Black has about one dozen ways towards a comfortable game.

    Thank you for the advice. I have started studying the Ruy Lopez

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    Alright with the Tortoise joke no one is laughing!

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    Has chesslover1995 been banned, by any chance?

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    I am interested in the 4 knights scotch, I want to use against the petroff. I wonder how do I play against counterattacks in the centre, like 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nc3 Nc6 4.d4 d5?


    BTW - Ruy Lopez is worth studying, I mess up the move order and got severely punished for it in many of my games!

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