Scandinavian Defense, Marshall Gambit


After drinking my coffee, I had a nice blitz game with the Scandinavian Defense, Marshall Gambit variation.


Indicated by whom.


Nice game though something happened to the pieces.

BTW "A Startling Chess Repertoire" advocates 4.Bc4 while "Attacking with e4" recommends 4.Be2, while "An Attacking Repertoire for White" gives 3.Nf3... While "Beating Unusual Chess Defences" also gives 3.Nf3


I lean towards Wikipedia's 3. d4, which fulfills White's strategic objective in playing 1. e4, furthers development and defends against e5 which proved crucial in this game. I don't know whether the suggested follow-up c4 is best. 4. Bc4 is okay too, and I like Bc4 better than c4.

Showing what a percentage of an unknown population moved is interesting but not the final word. I like to use OE when studying an opening if I am completely in the dark about it. Analysis is more fun though.


3.d4 usually transposes to the 3.Nf3 line with the difference that 3.Nf3 prevents the Portoguese variation.


I play this a lot.  Bb5+ is a very normal move for white (if they know what they're doing).  Because it's blitz I like to pull the "icelandic gambit" where you play e6 instead of c6 and of course there are some crazy trappy lines if they don't know what they're doing.

3.d4 and 3.c4 (not intending to keep the pawn) are normal too.

Sadly, many of my opponent nowadays do know what they're doing, and I get really bad positions Tongue out


Bb5+ is okay, but I seem to have emerged from the bishop exchange with my Queen in a better position, that much readier to 0-0-0.

I will examine the Icelandic gambit, e6, because it does sound interesting to me and I have often wondered about that myself.

I'm not familiar with the 3. Nf3 line or the Portugese.

jempty_method wrote:

Game explorer shows 332 games with 4. Bc4 making it more difficult for Black to get his pawn back, and 25 games with 4. Bxd7+

I admit 4. Bc4 would have eaten some seconds from my clock, but how about this:


From experience, upon 2. ... Nf6 (btw, the knight move is just neither better nor worse than 2. ... Qxd5), the simple and reliable way for White is 3.Nf3, and in case of 3. ... Qxd5 4.Nc3 there occurs the main line of 2. ... Qxd5 (of course good for White), and in case of 3. ... Nxd5 4.d4 (not immediate 4.c4?! Nb4 and Bc8-f5), with comfortable play for White, connected with c2-c4.