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Sharp Queens Indian Lines

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    I know there are some sharp lines for white against the queens indian defense.  Could someone please post a few of them along with the common plans for the position for both sides.



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    No one knows anything on the queens Indian?

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    I'm a career d4 player and I have only seen the QID about 5 times. When I do see it I like to play 5.Qc2, which, has been played by many of today's GMs. I don't know anything "sharp" in the QID but the Catalan-style g3 Bg2 fianchetto is encouraged. A little research has told me that Wikipedia also has recognized 4.a3 in order to stop a Nimzo-esc bishop pin.

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    qc2 reduces control over the d4 pawn...I know there are a few pawn sac lines where white plays d5, but I don't know the exact move order.  Could anyone provide me with the line?

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    One of the funniest titles for a post I've ever seen.

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    Ajedrecito: After 7...0-0 8. 0-0 na6 9.bf4 ne4 10. nxe4 bxe4 11. Ne1 bxg2 12. nxg2 black can play the freeing move 12...c5 and I feel like it is roughly equal maybe slight advantage for white.  Are there anyways to maintain the advantage? Or what are the common plans after this sequence?

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    well if you are playing queens gambit setups you either have to allow the nimzo or bogo/queens.  I've found that the nimzo is more annoying.

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    you need to know catalan then if black plays d5....seems like every move order has its problems or maybe I should just learn catalan.

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    Often agressive attacking players like to play the Petrosian variation (Petrosian = agressive!) 4. a3 because in the mainline 4... Bb7 5. Nc3 d5 6. cxd5 Nxd5 white gets pawn majority in the centre and good dynamic play combined with attacking chances on the kingside after eventual e4. Kasparov especially in his younger days liked to play that way and his games in this line are worth checking out.

    White may also employ the move order 4. Nc3 Bb7 5. a3 (both move orders have pros and cons). It's important to note that in the final position the natural QID move 5... Be7?! runs into 6. d5! when Bb7 looks rather bad. Instead 5. d5? Bb4! doesn't work for white. I think forcing black to play the somewhat undesirable d5 is one of the main ideas of the strange looking a3.

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    ajedrecito wrote:

    I think the implication was that the QID is generally boring.

    Well, at least somebody got it... Smile

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    thanks for the replies the 4. a3 lines seem pretty good for white and then i wont have to go through the catalan.

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