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5 Best Players of All Time

  • #181

    Hey, go easy on him, he's from New Zealand! (they have to use subtitles down there).

  • #182

    Many people rate Tal, Fischer and Alekhine etc.  highest because of their dynamic styles that make attractive games. I myself am one of them, my favorite player is Tal. That being said, positional and perhaps better players do not often appear on people's list. I, for one, think that Capablanca should be on the top five on any list. Just something to consider.

    My top 5 in no particular order

    1. Mikhail Tal

    2. Garry Kasparov

    3. Jose Raul Capablanca

    4. Alexander Alekhine

    5. Emanuel Lasker

  • #183

    Whoa, I guess I'm psychic (see #181).

  • #184

    I think:

    1. Robert James Fischer

    2. Gary Kasporov

    3. Boris Spassky

    4. Josh Waitzkin

    5. Lary Christiansen

  • #185

    Yep, Waitzkin's gotta be there.

  • #186

    morphy--> if he had studied modern chess .. .. .. the "first modern chess player"




    carlsen magnus

    tal .. a like the chess style ..

  • #187

    Hm, looks like that was a baker's 5.

  • #188

    1. Capablanca

    2. Kasparov

    3. Karpov

    4. Tal

    5. Fischer

  • #189
    marcweeks wrote:

    I think that the greatest chess player of all time is...Viktor Korchnoi.  He has the LOVE!!  He reminds me of Jimmy Connors, the great tennis champ, who played much longer competitively than his contemporary challengers (McEnroe, Borg) and always came to the court with fire in his belly.  Can any professional now alive say they've played more tournament games than Korchnoi?  It's probably not even close.  He was Karpov's equal--while playing under extraordinarily trying circumstances (unlike Karpov, who enjoyed the good life).

    Chess GOAT = Bobby Fischer

    Tennis GOAT = Roger Federer

  • #190

    champions who took  early retire from chess to maintain their greatness  should learn from korchnoi

  • #191

    1 kasparov 2 karpov 3 fisher 4 lasker 5 anand

  • #192

    1. Carlsen

    2. Kasparov

    3. Karpov

    4. Fischer

    5. Alekhine 

  • #193

    Carlsen, Kasparov, Fischer, Tal, Nakamura.

  • #194


    1. Capablanca BY FAR

    2. Kasparov

    3. Karpov

    4. Alekhine

    5. Fischer

  • #195

    1. euwe 2. menchik 3.boris becker 4. c. vorderman 5. anon (his/her career seems to have lasted centuries, plus wrote loads of music).

  • #196

    1. Garry Kimovich Kasparov

    2. Robert James (Bobby) Fischer

    3. Anatoly Karpov

    4. Magnus Carlsen

    5. José Raul Capablanca

    These are my top 5, and I aim to be the next! :P


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