What should a 10-11 year old's rating be?

AndBell wrote:

For every year you wait to start playing chess subtract 100 points from 3000 and add your current rating divided by ten-  that is the maximum rating you will ever be able to hit according to quantum mechanics and general relativity-  

f(x) = 3000 - age * 100 + elo/10

I started at 36 years old and my current rating is 1080 so my maximum possible rating is -420.

This is the advantage of starting young in chess.  



According to quantum mechanics and general relativity unified, there is no way that the aforementioned formula can be of correctness. The accurate formula, derived from superstring theory, loop quantum gravity and twistor theory unified is Lagrangian of the partial 4th order derivative of e^-x where x is one's age.


I'm Confused...

You’re really smart! I think age doesn’t say so much in chess. If you enjoy playing chess in your age, just play and enjoy with learning new knowledge about it!

Chess.com rankings are garbage. 


If you're 1400 on chess. Com you're actually closer to 1800 or 1900 realistically.  For example,  I played Magnus Carlsen's chess app, and barely can beat age ten. I've seen Magnus himself lose to age 10, along with several other grandmasters. 


Im not a grandmaster.... if you can beat age ten  5 times in a row,  your rating is above 2000. I hope this cleared up ratings for everyone.  Magnus was well above 2000 at age 10 in fide rankings. Just saying. Fix your ratings

chess. Com


hes older now


I know since I'm eleven.



Im 1600 uscf but 2100 Rapid Lichess.... so...


I am ten and my bullet rating is about 1500. My blitz rating is 1300


I think I’m ok at chees

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Im 1600 uscf but 2100 Rapid Lichess.... so...


The other website has hugely inflated ratings. It´s one reason I don´t like to play there because it feels so stupid being labelled a 2000+ level player when I´m clearly not. Chess.com isn´t perfect but at least it gets somewhere in the ballpark. Split the difference between your blitz and rapid ratings, and you´ve got 1600!

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I don't think it is good enough FrostedBoy. Your Standard Rating is 1940 and your Blitz Rating is 840. What's going on there, FrostedBoy?  The Mods should look into that.

Not funny


A 1100 ratings gap between blitz and rapid is ridiculous. If you look at his game history, you can see that he´s had lots of 1 move games against the same opponent that have boosted his ratings. Happens all the time. Usually these guys create multiple accounts, get a high rating and then play unrated games. For example: I played a "2400" in an unrated game and he got crushed. He played fine (no obvious blunders) but he created no threats and let me build a huge attack under no pressure (typical play for a decent 1200). I checked his account and, of course, saw lots of 1 move games against the same opponent. I contacted chess.com but they have decided not to act with this platinum subscriber.


the rating that corresponds to his playing ability.


You guy are so good! I only have 918 and I'm ten and I've attended a year of chess school.


I've been playing chess for one and a half years and I have 961 uSCF


When I was 10 yrs, I wasn't even a beginner because I started in my teenage haha


age dosent matter its just about  learning wink.png


Wow I guess no-one reads the terms of service they have to agree too when joining here (or they lie).



I can give no better advice than this: do not care about your age. I mean, Vishy Anand became GM at 18 which IS not young.He became WC. So basically just focus on your game. Anything might happen. luck is also there. I know this person who was 1900 elo at age 11. He studied chess very hard. He did not become GM or anything, but he became an NM and professional coach and is very successful. He worked on studies too!


Holy guacamole! 1700???? thats a lot! 


Holy guacamole! 1700???? thats a lot! 

1700 nanometers isn’t that much.