Who is your least favorite chess player of all time, and why?


As far as chessplaying "style" is concerned,  my least favorite list includes Alekhine,  Emmanuel Lasker,  and Sammy Reshevsky.  Their games seem to me awfully convoluted,  difficult to understand.  (Of course that is very likely a commentary on the dullness of my own chess mind!)

On the personal character side of things,  Alekhine and Reshevsky stay near the top of my list!


That last post reminds me of racial "studies" funded by the National Socialists and the SS, and also carried on by Dr. Carleton Coon in the USA.

Score one for Godwin's law, no?


Every time I research a top chess player I find I end up liking him very much.  Almost everyone i've read about I ended up liking.  In short, I don't think I have a least favorite.  I even love Topalov and think he's a nice guy, all the blame for his attitude previously should be on his manager!  Topalov is great


Just read "End Game" about Fischer.  No doubt he was one sick puppy.  Inexcusable behavior.

Yet over 40 years ago, I fell in love with chess reading Fischer's column "Checkmate" in Boys' Life Magazine (the Boy Scouts magazine.)  So naturally I pulled for Bobby in 1972, thinking him to be an American hero. 

I find his antisemitic racism inexcusable, as well as his general ego and antiAmerican rants.   But how could I name my childhood hero as my least favorite player.  The guy could play chess!  Lousy human being.


So apparently you do find it excusable...


Staunton for avoiding Morphy.  Alekhine for avoiding a rematch with Capablanca.  (could have been the other match of the century)  Botvinnik for benefitting from the Russians fixing world chess.  Fischer for becoming a hater and disappointing and embarrassing millions of his former fans.  

For chess style, I think Petrosian is boring.  Yes he was great in a way, but I much more admire the style and fighting spirit of Steinitz. 


Heal Kasparov, Hurt Gelfand.


modon, that is one of the worst posts I've seen in quite some time. Let me guess, you're thinking of starting another hurt/heal thread.


I'm guessing the question here refers to famous players but I don't know any personally, however...

Some moron here at chess.com accused me of being a cheater because my online rating is way higher than all my other ratings I guess the concept of someone specializing in turn-based chess and sucking at blitz, live, etc is too much for  his/her rude, obnoxious (and paranoid?) pinhead to fathom.

Also anyone who examined my games in detail will see that I've drawn and lost a fair amt of games and a fair amt of my wins were due to my opponent losing on time or playing even worse than I did - but my least favorite chess-player is above all that (or below it more likely).


Hey yeah...that is quite a discrepancy.


My favorite chess player of all time is my wife, Carol, she does not play chess very well but has other great qualities.


I dislike Aljechin for siding with the nazis and signing (or even writing?) some stupid propaganda piece stating that jews can't play chess. I read it, it is utterly illogical and thus does not befit a chess player.

An awful opportunist in my book.

Bartleby73 wrote:

I read it, is utterly illogical and thus does not befit a chess player.


pfren wrote:

Surely enough Misha Tal, for a very simple reason: I never, ever understood properly the way he was moving his men.

For the very same reason, he is also #1 on my list of the greatest players ever. Capablanca is a close second, although quite ironically, I can understand everything in Capa's play- I just cannot play like that myself...

Strangely, that makes perfect sense.


As some opponent or other of Capa once said:  "You know exactly what's going to happen to you, and there's not a thing you can do about it."


My least favorite is B.O. McFarty.


He's got a lot of kin.


Anand. He just plays for draws. His games aren't interesting. I wish Gelfand had beat him.


It seems like he's got a headache all the time, anymore. I'd forgotten this was my thread.


The creator of the first chess computer. (Who i suppose were a chess-player)

That computer maybe sucked, but it lead to the supercomputers of today. It made chess a little bit more boring, becouse chess is a human game and should be played and analyzed by humans.

If i ever become world dictator i would forbid it.