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    chess960 is OP

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    brainking2016 wrote:

    Why not remove the thread concerning 960 as a fixed thread on top of this forum?


    Anyone else agree?

    ok, lets put musketeer chess right at the top.

    Musketeerchess = ChessVariantLover = brainking2016

    3 accounts = one person so he can spam, spam, spam

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    I'm not sure if those three characters are one account but I suppose it's possible. But at least 2 of those personalities comes here to play games so he (they) have credibility in that respectwink.png

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    vickalan wrote:

    I'm not sure if those three characters are one account but I suppose it's possible. But at least 2 of those personalities comes here to play games so he (they) have credibility in that respect

    He does not come here to play games, he comes here to promote his game, period.

    Look above at the comment by brainking2016, complaining that the main 960 topic is pinned to the top of the forum, duh, the chess960 and other variants forum.

    So he spams a lot always mentioning musketeer chess so the threads are at the top hoping people will notice his game.

    Maybe after a few years and a lot of frustration he will eventually give up.


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    chessvariantlover (a new account that you recently created) said the same thing, what a coincidence.

    He (you) said that it is clear that I have no game and all my posts are fake advertising.

    I actually do have a game and decided not to publicly disclose any specific details about the game.

    I am currently building the website and already have a fully functional game that runs in a browser, I guess you could call that concrete work.

    I am realistic about my game, I think that one day it will be popular, however this will probably only happen long after I am dead.

    You on the other hand spam, spam, spam EVERYWHERE, you have basically hijacked this forum, it is pathetic now, this is the only reason why I have said anything.

    Spam, spam, spam any variant that uses extra pieces so you can sell your little bits of plastic.

    I guess that you will have to re-pay that second mortgage or your credit cards the hard way, the cash flow will certainly not come from selling little bits of plastic. 


    musketeerchess = chessvariantlover = brainking2016 = vickalan

    vickalan is another account that was recently created and he (you) spams, spams, spams any variant that uses extra pieces.

    Do you really think that people are that stupid?

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    Another person sent me a private message saying that you were reported for spamming.

    This person suggested that I should also report you, so I did happy.png

    I mentioned in the report this other persons user name.

    I also explained in detail exactly what you have been doing.

    I checked my email and have received confirmation of the report.

    The email says that I should reply to the email if nothing happens or if I am not contacted.

    It is the holidays now, so I will give it some time.

    But I will not let it go now.


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    Hello Final_wars_warlord,

    Everyone here is the same person "a".
    (Here) "a" plays against "a".
    And (here) "a" plays against "a".
    (Here) "a" and "a" talks with himself about the research and passion of old and new pieces.
    Do you have any favorite pieces? Do you have a favorite game?
    Wish you a Happy New Year!happy.png
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    @musketeerchess = vickalan

    Using FOUR accounts is lying.

    You have probably been warned about spamming in the past so now you use 4 separate accounts to push all the other threads down to the bottom of the front page on this forum.

    I sensed 3 months ago that there was a group of two or more people that were doing this but could not understand why, but now I understand.

    A person that has been accused of lying will normally automatically defend them self.

    But you did not in the response directly above. The normal response from "vickalan" if he were indeed an innocent person would be something like this:

    "What on earth are you talking about you idiot??"

    Instead the response attempts to defend ALL of them at once.

    I did not click any of the links, I have seen enough of your spam during the past 3 months.

    I saved the best for last happy.png 

    The pinned topic at the top of the forum, the one you complained about, yes this thread.

    That was created by eric, I think he is the guy that created

    Humans are a joke to me.

    So transparent to me, in every action, in every deed.

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    I do not hate.

    I let it slide for 3 months or more.

    Then I decided enough was enough.

    In the report I mentioned this thread and asked them to read from post # 203.

    No matter what you say this pinned topic will remain at the very top of the forum.

    So all that you can do is spam comments in this thread to try and push everything away from the last page of this thread.

    So please continue spamming.

    Then the moderators will have a bit of a boring read and may decide to check all of your IP addresses.

    musketeerchess has actually been spamming this forum for ages now, at least 6 months, probably even longer.

    I do not mind whoever posting whatever, but when it's a deliberate attempt to hijack a forum then I will do something about it.

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    @ all

    I have been contacted by support.

    I am very pleased with the very quick and very polite response.

    They have completed their initial investigation.

    They have removed all the comments made by a certain spammer from

    If you are currently playing a variant game with this spammer on this forum then you need to know that this spammer has been blocked and can no longer post any comments.

    I hope that this forum will soon return to normal, it is long overdue.

    They are now pursuing the matter further.

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    Great! Would you like to play a variant chess game? (and it will help restore this thread to its designated topic)!

    We can play a version of Chess-960, but lets remove two pieces and replace them with two new pieces - either the hawk (jumping 2 or 3 squares in any diagonal or orthogonal direction) or a guard (moving like a king).

    I'll let you choose the starting position of the pieces happy.png

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    Thank you for the invite.

    I however must decline, sorry.

    I am no longer an active player.

    It was never in my nature to beat somebody.

    I stopped studying and playing chess seriously more than 20 years ago.

    Most recently I did play 2 chess games with a chess grandmaster.

    I also played a very early version of my game with him once a week for 3 months.

    I also played about 2 dozen games of Thai Makruk online about a year ago, part of my research.

    I do not really like Fischer Random, I played a few dozen games here and there, mostly against computers, the positions do not feel natural.

    I am a strong player and can play with grandmasters but no longer play with people.

    I may play my game publicly one day, but probably only exhibition games with grandmasters, not competitive games of any sort.


    Please note that I have only been using this pinned thread to resolve the serious problem that this forum has been experiencing with spammers. I do not want to use this thread anymore.

    Please create a new thread if it is not specific to Fischer Random questions.

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    I suspect that bogus accounts are still being used to spam on this forum. support is currently checking the IP addresses of certain users on this forum.

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    Need help: when I go to play against the computer the game starts as Chess960. I don't want Chess960 and I want to play with the conventional, standard board. How do I change the setting to play with standard starting positions?

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    Bolga99 wrote:

    How do I change the setting to play with standard starting positions?

    When you start a game on the settings menu, look for "chess960".  Select it and change it to "standard"happy.png

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     Thank you Vickalan. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Nowhere in the Settings do I have the option of changing it to standard. And when I physically click on Chess960 or the Explore icon, it only opens a new window with the explanation of what Chess960 is. I'm stuck it seems.

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    You don't see a menu that looks like this? Then I'm not sure what to do. I'm not really too much of a computer wiz. I hope you get it figured out.


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     No I don't. I'll ask in the general help forum.

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