Event Chess Game (Martin0 - vickalan) #2


Thanks Juny. I've now admitted that I should probably resign at some point. We each still have a revival, to bring a piece back. I haven't decided yet if I'll try that. Maybe that will complicate things so I can get to "good"? Unfortunately in chess losing is losing.sad.png But I'll play this for now:



Your free to resign whenever you want. If we don't count the number of queens, rooks and bishops, then material is equal grin.png







Your logic pretty much explains the situation. 

Event Chess is always really interesting, and this version seems especially tricky - like a difficult puzzle at each move. It's amazing how a game can be on a normal 8x8 board, and be amazingly complicated.shock.png

Did you notice I made it to move 30 which would put me in the category of "fair".tongue.png

Congratulations to gold.png @Martin0gold.png for another well-deserved win!happy.png



I think white's king is worth a bit more wink.png


Do you mean defended better? Agreed.meh.png




Yeah, I really liked these events. I think I will make some minor changes though.


The variety event will get rid of the exception "The only exception is if that piece is the only piece that can move, then moving it is legal.". The main idea with that rule was to prevent stalemates in endgames, but I am not a big fan of how this rule makes the king able to move twice in a row to avoid checkmates. I'll try getting rid of that rule and let it be a valid strategy to try to get stalemated by only having a king left that is not allowed to move twice in a row.


The revive event will not be based on captured pieces, but on missing pieces instead. Meaning a player with at least 1 queen can not revive a queen (since they started with 1 queen), a player with at least 2 knights can not revive a knight (since they started with 2 knights), etc. This makes promotion rules easier and you don't need to keep track if a captured queen was previously a pawn or a queen. Also, the revived piece will count as a new piece, so with the combination of the variety event, a piece can be revived, even if it moved on your previous turn.