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Final Wars - Beta

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    6. Bd6

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  • #103

    7. Nc3

  • #104

    7. Bb7

  • #105

    8. Bd2

  • #106

    8. a6

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    I am using a fudged chess engine to play these test games.

    I always check the fudged chess engine using the reflected view of the game.


    I do this to ensure that there are no problems with the fudged chess engines evaluation.


    Problems that may occur during the opening are mainly due to the differences between symmetrical Final Wars King Transfers and lop sided Chess Queen Side Castling.


    The first diagram below is the actual game, both on the board and on the fudged chess engine.


    The second diagram is the reflected game, the starting positions of the Kings and Queens for both players have been switched around and all moves have been reflected across the board.


    Note that the second diagram has some extra waiting moves that were played as a King transfer adjustment was required.


    You can right click those diagrams and open them in a separate tab to get a better view of them.


    Note that a good strategy when playing test games is to delay King Transfers for as long as possible.


    Your opponent can not just play engine moves, he has to figure things out, do King transfer adjustments and then he should check things using the reflected view of the game.



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    9. a4

  • #113

    9. Qe7

  • #114

    10. cxd5

  • #115

    10. exd5

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    This test game has now been declared drawn.


    I am closing my account.


    I will be back.



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