"Griffin Chess" (vickalan - brainking2016)

This thread is for a game of Griffin Chess (a Musketeer Chess variant)
Board is 10 x 8. Three variant pieces:
(1) Guard (GU) - Moves and captures the same as a king but is not affected by check. Other information on the guard can be found (here). (not particular to this game)
(2) Griffin (GR) - Archbishop + Hawk. (moves and captures as below):
(3) Corporal (pawn type piece) - See here for description of piece.
Board Setup:

The rules of castling are similar as in classical chess, however the king travels three squares rather than two. The rook finishes adjacent to the king (white: d1 or h1; black c8 or g8). As usual when castling, all squares between the king and the involved rook must be unoccupied, and this includes the square where the guard or griffon is initially positioned.
Other rules of this game are identical with rules of classical chess.
brainking2016, thanks for letting me play white. I'll play:
1. d4

2. Nd2



Cool Theme


How do i play this type of chess?



TheBoaKonstrictor wrote:

How do i play this type of chess? 

You can leave a message at this thread. It's a place to see who's looking to play different types of games.




Yes, a blunder from me!sad.png
The griffon has ridiculous power!
My overall record in musketeer-type games is now 2-losses, and 1 game in-progress. (my game with gyrados is at move 36).
A rematch? Same game or something else?
(One gryphon and one guard again is OK, but other powerful pieces is too much I think).
Here's the game finishing view:
brainking2016 wrote:

Another game in this same thread with the same variant and you begin with white in the best way to settle this.

OK, great! I was thinking of the same thing. I'll even make the first same move. I would be really surprised if someone can refute that move by itself, or prove that it is dubious play.




3. Nxg5



Hi musketeer,

When that new piece is on your website I will see how it looks with all 20 on the chessboard. (I will need to get an image using pink and brown colors to match the board we are using). It's an interesting new shape.happy.png

For brainking:

4. e3



This time I believe black has been checkmated!

5. Gh5#


More games of Griffin chess? I would still like to see a corporal move backwards.happy.png

musketeerchess2015 wrote:

Other combinations to test = combine Hawk + Knight, Hawk + Unicorn and Hawk + Bishop.

I challenge you for a game: you play white. I would like a game where we use 2 compound pieces: 1st piece is combination of Hawk + Knight (Wizard). Second piece, combination of Hawk + Bishop (we have to find a name for this piece).

Do you agree?


Thanks Zied and brainking (Raffa),

Can I convince you to play these pieces on an "Infinite Plane"?
We can use Wizard (Hawk + Knight), and some piece "Falcon?" for (Hawk + Bishop).  We each get two of each, so there's four new pieces per side.  Here is the proposed setup. I'm using the Musketeer Dragon for the Wizard.
Or we can just use the normal Musketeer Dragon (Queen + Knight).
I also have one other idea - in special situations, you can move two pieces per turn, for example: 
1) Two pawns may be moved in one turn. (neither pawn my capture, or move into a position where it can capture another piece).
2) Up to one piece from a jäger unit (below) is allowed to be moved while also moving another piece. This is allowed up to three times per unit, and only by a piece from its original position. If any piece from the jäger unit has been captured, the right to make "second moves" from that unit is removed.
The Jäger units:
With a few cases where you can move two pieces in one move, the development of the game might go faster.
Let me know what you think.happy.png
Hi brainking,
You can read about Infinite Chess (here). Post #17 has the final rules.
It is not too different than normal chess. It only has three new pieces: chancellor, hawk, and guard. (chancellor and hawk are the same as in Musketeer Chess).
The game doesn't have borders, so the more powerful pieces might be needed to checkmate your opponent. (If you would like we can even add more powerful pieces too).
Let me know if you would like to try it.happy.png