Never-Ending Infinite Sandbox Game! 8/12 Players

Ah, you posted while i was writing

i shall be in a nursing home by the time this is over

1e4c6_O-1 wrote:

i shall be in a nursing home by the time this is over

I mean the word never ending is a hint.




---=======--- Move #145 —=======---

Naviary Q(-16,12)

htp no move

Fischer no move

James A(100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002,6)

Tehanu no move

Samuel no move

Tony no move

Polito K(-799,799)

Link to board and file

1. James 👑 (Fuchsia/Crimson): 234,5--- ❤️ 21.8
2. Naviary (White/Cyan): 201.0 --- ❤️ 101.3
3. Fischer (Ocean): 157.0 --- ❤️ 61.1
4. hitthepin (White/Green): 142.5 --- ❤️ 48.0
5. Tehanu (White/Crimson): 45.0 --- ❤️ 6.0

6. Tony (White):19.0 --- ❤️ 15,2 +1.2 regen until update #154
7. Samuel (Ocean/Purple): 18.0 --- ❤️ 16.2 +1.2 regen until update #154

8.Polito(Orange): 5.0 --- ❤️ 7.6 +1.2 regen until update #162

+0,4 per turn if not a beginner.

Current Event: "Obstacles" Each player, absorbing their move that round, may place an obstacle anywhere on the board, obstacles look like a solid black circle, it belongs to nobody's army so it cannot move, it can be taken just like any other piece, but it can block movement! Obstacles will not immediately despawn upon event end, but instead will start receiving a 25% of de-spawning on every update. Their capture does not give you energy points. Ends move #147

"Universe Bubbles" can't be activated again until #161

“Obstacles” can’t be activated again until #175

---=======--- STATISTICS ---=======--- 

@JamesAgadir days been king: 46

@Naviary days been king: 70

@hitthepin days been king: 5

Record for Greatest army size: James with a 234.5-Point Army.

Record Health Amount: Naviary with 114.3 🔥








@Naviary Can I play? I'm so glad to see you back!


@JamesAgadir does the updates now


Yes Holo you can play. Just do a king move.

P.S: Sorry to everyone for taking a bunch of time on this move I'm trying to get work done before Christmas.


10 days for an update

HolographWars wrote:

@Naviary Can I play? I'm so glad to see you back!

Yes Holo! It's good to be back happy.png Btw James is now moderating this game


By the way. I am alive and while do an update when I can. I'm in the build up to finals and have a lot to do.


Can I be red?


Yes. Place your king and you'll be added in the next update.

I really apologize to everyone for the gap in between updates finals hit harder than I expected.