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Simultaneous Moves chess

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    We try to introduce simultaneous moves chess.Rather than each player make a move alternately,they could make a move simultaneously.After each side create a move then these moves are applied on the board.And so on until checkmate is achieved.

    There is time to think between a simultaneous move.The first player who have a move then write it down in a paper to await the opponent write his move too.And their moves will be applied together in the board.One's move will be hidden until both player have wrote it down the paper.

    The reader to be welcomed to share their opinion for this variant details.  

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    So black pieces player will move their pieces simultaneously with white pieces player.By doing so this variant will resemble real battle field which is both king could make decision in the same time.

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    Some new rules should be added.

    1. King could be mated without check.It means when king moves into the same empty square with opponent pieces it is mated and game end.
    2. Could make pass move.It means the player could pass their turn to not make a move.
    3. Pawn will be taken by minor pieces if pawn moves to the same empty square with opponents minor pieces.
    4. Minor pieces (knight,rook,bishop) will eliminate each other with opponent's minor pieces in occupy the same empty square.
    5. Minor pieces also eliminating each other with opponent's queen in occupying the same empty square.
    6. King will eliminate opponent's pawns in occupying the same empty square.
    7. King,Queen,and minor pieces will eliminate each other in occupying the same empty square.
    8. Queen will eliminate pawns in occupying the same empty square.
    9. The game also ends if the opponent's king is checkmated.
    10. The other rules are the same with regular chess.
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    So what happens after 1. e4 d5 2. exd5 dxe4?

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    Good question @Martin0.

    To make a legal moves it should be based on the last pieces position.So those moves are legal.But to be able to capture opponent's pieces those pieces must be in idle state.The result of those moves are the pieces will be switched in their position without capturing each other.

    Would you try this variant ?

    I will be the second player and also the arbiter to hide your moves.I try to be honest to make a move without seeing your moves.Sent your moves to my inbox.

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    Before considering to play this variant I would need to understand all the rules.

    First off, minor pieces is usually only referring to the bishop and knights (not rooks).

    Second of all, I don't get why there is a difference with the capturing abilities of different pieces occupying the same square. Was there any difference with the queen compared to the other pieces that are not kings or pawns?

    You never mentioned what happens when a queen and pawn moves to the same square.

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    Ok,lets make perfect the rules.

    Ok if you mention of minor pieces are bishop and knights.You must add rook for the rule.

    The difference in capturing ability is caused by unskilled pawns compared to other pieces which is representing the real battle.(see rules number 5).It is only pawns to have the lowest ability while the others are equal.

    I have added new rules to make it perfect.

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    Would you try it, @Martin0 ?

    Or you want to be the arbiter and the graph performer ?

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    Sure we can try to play a game. I sent you a message with my first move.

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    After you message me of your move then you post "ok' sign in this thread to inform me of your completed turn.

    Well,it seems you have sent the first move.Here is our game.

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    ok, I have moved

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    ok, your move

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    It seems doesn't work well.

    This will be a real war in battlefield with the main purpose to kill opponent's king.Queen and minor pieces have over powered.

    Do you think by reduce pieces power and add new rules this game could be looks elegant ?

    We set up rook,bishop and queen to reach maximum span at one square.Two pieces could occupy the same square to help each other.

    In the end it is the war game that looks terrible.But we want to see if it could be as elegant as regular chess.

    What do you think ?

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    Some ideas to refine the game's performance are:

    1. Rook,bishop,and Queen could reach maximum span of three squares.
    2. To capture pieces will take two moves sequence.It means the captured pieces will be discarded from the board in second sequence.To make it clear we take a look at below diagram.The initial position is shown in top diagram where black bishop will capture white knight.After the first move sequence the result is shown by the middle diagram where knight is fought by bishop.The result after the second sequence is shown by the bottom diagram where the capturing process is finish.The purpose of this is to give the opponent a chance to counter attack toward the captor in the second move sequence.So the protection mechanism could be achieved.

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    It is impossible to make it as elegant as classical chess. Some of the beauty in chess is that it is a game with full information. Hiding which moves you make and make guesses when your trying to predict what your opponents move is make it a bit luck based.


    I think the main problem was not the movement of the pieces, but the inability to recapture when your opponent captures one of your pieces.


    There's several ways to solve that problem. One is like you suggest to make it a 2 move sequence, but personally I am not a big fan of solutions that require pieces to occupy the same square.


    One simple way to solve it is to not allow the same piece to move twice in a row. Then the piece that captured something will not be able to run away before the other player gets a chance to capture the piece on that square.


    Another way is to make a capture sequence whenever there is a capture. If white makes a capture, then if black has any piece that can recapture on that square he may do so immediately before waiting for the next turn. If he chooses to do so, white will be given a chance to recapture on that square and player takes turns until either a player is unable to recapture on that square or a player decides not to.


    Another variant of this capture sequence is to start it whenever a capture is possible instead of when the first capture is made. That way you need to be more careful to not put your pieces on attacked squares. An additional rule could be that a piece that has moved on a turn before the capture sequence is made can not be part of the capture sequence (it may be captured, but it may not capture pieces).

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    I got an idea for an RTS-TB hybrid version of chess. A true real-time strategy version like judo tends to be very fast paced like lightning chess and chaotic. This is not what I have in mind but do I'm at.


    Instead of pieces moving simultaneously with know knowledge of the other side's move, there is an indication, a time period for which to respond like in turn-based. There is different ways this could be implemented but they tend to work better on software with a GUI like online chess or an MMORPG rather than a traditional board game, although notation or verbal indicators could work in person as well.


    The 'simultanrous' aspect can come in to play by moving up to three of pieces on one half-turn (essentially three moves in one), as such: one or two of your choosing by default, optionally a third if it is adjacent to bone of your monarchs (Q or K, or perhaps by addition of another piece line General).


    As for the indication of incoming opponent's turn's move<s>: perhaps see the respective directions that they are headed but not destination squares of certainty, with exception maybe for knights as vector of its move would inform its exact destination square with no uncertainty so maybe just 'highlight' an opposing knight to be moved with out indicating its trajectory (not that you could block it; instead it would capture you, whereas other pieces would be blocked, depending on speed if this aspect is implemented and distance).  


    Might still be too chaotic.  A related idea I had was regarding direct attacks and captures, best exemplified in Kings. A king cannot move into or through check, as that would indicate or st least imply capture. But what if he could in the case of delivering Checkmate to opposing King? There could be other circumstances especially in an RTS version or hybrid variant.

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    The main purpose of this variant is to create board game with the real battlefield theme.So,there are unpredictable opponent movements as in a real war.Thus,the goal have been achieved.

    I think there is no forced capture in real war,therefore it should be avoided to create forced capture rules.

    Creating the pieces captured status (captured pieces and the captor in the same square) could help player to not be confused in making the next move.Without this status player could be brought into false strategy.

    Thanks for your opinion @Martin.

    Would you try it again ?  Make your first move.

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    I will pass on playing again. You can find someone else.


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