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Chess Ladder

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    I remember long time ago there was some talk about this, but nothing's happened.

    Any ideas how to get something like this going?

    I thought maybe build the mechanics of it into a group, and get a few willing and competent admins to keep people from killing each other.....

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    what do you mean by ladder?

    like leaderboards or something?

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    Yeah, lots of real life clubs run them.

    Normally you can challenge players 2 or 3 places above you, if you win, you swop places. See how hgh you can get, and who's top dog:)

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    yeah, that sounds pretty cool

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    This discussion ... chess-ladder mentions using an external tool to maintain a ladder.

    See also: ladder-chesslos-angeles-chess-ladderchess-ladderlegends-chess-laddergraymatter-ladder---the-least-you-need-to-know.

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    What time limit for the games?  If you guys (rooperi and Fear_Itself) will settle for 24 hours online games we have a ladder now and can run it in this thread (for now or permanently).

    Ladder 12/10/2012




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    Ok, we can do that.

    But, we're gonna need some rules.

    Thanx, artfizz,I'm gonna check out those links

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    You'll have noticed this ... chesscom-challenge-ladder-league ?

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    Thanx artfizz


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