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COMING SOON!! The Chess.com TV Group

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       The dust is flying! The wallpaper is going up! And the hammers are nearly worn down to the nub. We bring you the Official Chess.com TV Group! We’ve got it all, from entertainment to education!

       The hosts of all four—yes four—weekly TV shows are directly involved. Here is where you can get more up-close and personal with our Master-Level Hosts, find up-to-date program scheduling (including timely announcements for “Special Events” broadcasts), and talk it up in the forums. Through forum topic discussions, weekly program recaps, Suggestion Boxes, and much more, this will truly be an interactive group. For more information about this group, please go to The Chess.com TV Group Profile Page.

       If you want to join, please send a message directly to me—ChessMarkstheSpot—requesting your name be put on our growing “invite” list. You will receive your invite just prior to our launch date, so you’ll be “in” when our doors officially open. Keep an eye out on the Forums for the announcement of our “Grand Opening Bash!”

       We look forward to having you as part of the group. Thank you for your interest in the one and only Official Chess.com TV Group!!

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    to see the most of the chess.com TV you have to be diamond member, I think. do I have much benefit of this group if I stay gold member?

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      You need to be at least Platinum to see most of the TV episodes, but sometimes they do shows for all members. You can participate in everything in the group, but just not watch all of the shows. You'll still be able to read recaps of all the shows and discuss whatever you want with the hosts and other members. Smile


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      A reminder: Please do not send membership applications to us as we are not accepting members until we are ready to open and everything is set up. There is a lot going on and many people have to coordinate their efforts to make sure we are all on the same page. We're trying to make everyone have the best experience for Chess.com and chess.com TV.

       So if anyone wants to join, look at the above link in the first post of this topic and send me a message, not an application, as it won't be accepted at this point in time.  Thank you for your understanding. 


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    Seems like an idea.  More Chesstv with an improved production sense.

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    Not very much activity for chess tv for free members of chess.com

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    Any news on launch, for project?

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    Hi, davidknight :)

    You may notice, this thread was put up more than 1 1/2 years ago, just prior to us opening the Official Chess.com/TV Group. It's not a "new" announcement; the group was founded in Nov. 2010 and opened in Dec. 2010. In fact, we had a BIG Chess.com Show to celebrate its launch; it's in the archives :)

    If you haven't joined the group yet, you should:


    There are regular announcements put up, usually by either Mark (ChessMarkstheSpot), Danny Rensch (ACEChess) or David Pruess (dpruess), and dependent on what the contents of the shows are, or if there is anything "special" going on, there is more activity. The forums are there for anyone to post in, and do get read by our hosts, though not always immediately (they're pretty busy guys!).

    Hope you join! :)


    Admin. of the Chess.com/TV Group


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