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First game on chess.com

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    You know the number at the end of all the correspondence games? That's the games number in order of all games on chess.com. For example, http://www.chess.com/echess/game.html?id=2009 will be the 2009th game played at chess.com.

    So, out of curiosity, I looked up the first correspondense game on chess.com. It features erik, as white, destroying nyarlathotep in 19 moves. Game 2 features Patzer24, as white, forcing erik to resign in 15 moves. The shortest of the first ten games? 6 and 7, in which baba (playing white both times) failed to make a second move in time.

    Just thought this was interesting.

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    AMAZING!!! I never caught that before! :)

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    Wow, I never caught that before! I thought that a random # that was assigned.


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    Interesting. I noticed that the first game which does not feature a staff member (either erik or Patzer24), game 5, features none other than TraglorfBob, who stuck out in my mind of having posted in a topic I was looking in the other day.

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    And the newest game I can find using this method is 20712734 , though that's just by a very quick guess-and-check.

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    BTW, my first game on chess.com is #14922.


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    ADK wrote:

    BTW, my first game on chess.com is #14922.


    How did you look that up?

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    WanderingWinder wrote:
    ADK wrote:

    BTW, my first game on chess.com is #14922.


    How did you look that up?

    Oh, you just go to the back of your game archive, click on your 1st game, and the # on the link is the _____ game played on chess.com.


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    Ahh, I see my problem now; premium members get full archives, freebies only get 30 days


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