Good News and Bad News


I was able to log in around 42 hours this week playing and studying chess because of complications caused by cancer treatments a while back. It has allowed me to do things I was never able to do because of time constraints such as: examine the games of every opponent I play (if they've played on this site before), put more time into training and of course play more games. Tha bad news is that my neck, right side and right arm have suffered such deterioration that my days of being a guitar slinger are pretty much over and done with. I am going to do what will probably be my last live performance tonight at Annies Social Club in San Francisco. I might still be able to spend very limited time playing guitar (30 minutes at a time) but cannot play speed metal or punk any more. They are fairly certain that I will have to give up playing guitar professionally after tonight. Once again, having the love and support of my wife has gotten me through this (she doesn't know how bad this really is). I have a fractured right wrist but I am doing the show any how. It's already painful so I should make it through the show and just have a side order of hurt with tomorrow's breakfast.

I want to thank for being here. The site got me through cancer when I had a 20% chance of survival and now the site has given me a new lease on life after music. I am an optimist believing the glass is always half full not half empty. I am a bit heart broken about my guitar playing since that was how I made a name for myself. However, I have the game of chess to allow me to enjoy life. I would also like to thank you, my friends who have been so kind to me here. Although I don't know you I feel like we're all apart of a greater family. I'll stop before one of you gags from all this sugar coated sweet talk. Thanks again my friends and especially Erik and the gang at I'll be seeing more of you from now own.


Only a wise man can see what you see. I wish you the best and hope to see you here.


Hope the gig goes well tonight mate, have a good one

Peace BillMadd


Aye, have a great gig and night. I'm glad you joined up to this site, I've read a few of your posts and I like your style.


I'll give it my best tonight. I'll dedicate the set to my wife (who always gets the primary dedication) and to the folks her on Thanks again for the support and friendship.


Ah, the ol' song dedication, your smooooth Mr Patterson.


Good Luck! The life never over...



Have a gutfull of painkillers and go out with a bang Hugh, the whimpering can wait till tommorow. Have a top night.


Have a great night tonight my friend, let tomorrow bring what it may.  Hang in there Hugh.  We may not be at your last performance in the flesh but know that we will be there in spirit, cheering you one last time.....Good luck tonight my friend.


I don't know what I'd do if I had to give up music.  I think I'd follow in your footsteps, though!  Good luck to you tonight, and from now on.


congratulations, man.

if i was a rich man id fly down for the show. im sure it will be incredible.

i wouldnt mess with you at chess either.

take care.


Your optimism is inspirational to say the least; I wish you luck in whatever your future brings.  I couldn't be at the show in person, but I took that link on your profile and listened to some of your stuff on Myspace, so I suppose I was there in spirit (I really liked what I heard, by the way).

They say chess can drive people crazy, but I think it's awesome that it's doing the opposite for you.  If you ever feel like a friendly game, feel free to send a challenge my way.


Seems to me that although life has dealt you a pretty rotten blow you have a great attitude, hang in there, and anytime you might want a game i am free for the challenge. Good luck


Hope your gig went well. Hope to see you on the board some time!


Best of luck as you step into a world of listening and not playing. My sympathies for your loss and my respect for your optimism. I hope everything works out for the best for you and your family.


I hope it went well, I would have loved to have been there.


give ti your all but don't harm your health. your will still be able to play here with us


I never knew that you had health issues,I had a stroke a few months back and it sure got my attention.You have my best wishes friend.A door may close but not without another opening.You seem to have the frame of mind that will surely see you through the changes that life throw's at us from time to time.Take care Buddy!!


I hope your show went really well Hugh. I find your positive attitude inspirational and wish you all the best for whatever your future holds.