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Just 10 questions

  • #1

    Good answers are easy.


  • #2

    Poor guy (can't even spell Dolly Llama).

  • #3

    Andy, that guy is richer than most.

  • #4

    Even if they did take his stupid homeland away from him & stuff.

  • #5

    yeah, im thinking i may become a dolly llama..i can answer those questions too.

  • #6

    I thought "The Daily Llama" was a Peruvian news-paper...

  • #7

    Actually, I'm pretty sure "dalai lama" was in "Get a Job."

  • #8

    before that he played Hop Sing on Bonanza.

  • #9

    no no no it's Dairy Lama and it's a new species that was supposed to replace the cow as milk-giving animal ...


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