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    I like moderators.

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    Do you like Ding Dongs?

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    What is a Ding Dong?

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    Southernsoldier wrote:

    What is a Ding Dong?

    Depends on the position.

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    It has multiple meanings squirt. The foremost meaning is that it is an American chocolate covered chocolate cake with white cream in the middle. It also can be a reference to Humans world wide that have severe limited thinking abilities. Last but not least it is the sound that a Door Bell makes.

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    Ding, dong, the witch is dead...

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    Not least Senor Ding Dong

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    Yup, moderators are good folk :-)

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    Who da' heel is that picture of?

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    i like moderators!especially kohai

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    kohai is the moderator of moderators, and more.Smile

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    if there were the best moderator contest, kohai would win by unanimous decision.

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    THE MODERATORS HAVE WARNED ME 8 TIMES AND MUTED ME 2 TIMES! i feel lucky that they notice me!

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    you have been warned plenty a time! i think the moderators like me.

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    moderators are like helium. They simply float away and when no ones doing anything wrong they get bored, and then get a random person in the dog house.

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