People keep hitting on me wtf


We're really big into ice hockey here and skating in general. Telford Tigers hockey team has been and is regarded up there as best in the country along with Nottingham.

Telford a REALLY nice town. Having a premiership football team isn't the measure of how successful a town is just usually how big it is. There's some sithole in the UK with good football teams.



Yorshka90 wrote:

So.. despite the fact that my profile picture does not show my face and the fact that I am actually indeed male over my many games and years on men have consistently added me as a friend and proceeded to make passes at me though dm. WTAF!! Honestly wtaf is wrong with men. This has been constant and relentless enough that I've actually taken to making a post about it,

This is a chess site ffs, I mean in what world and how desperate are you to make a pass at me on a goddammit chess site of all places purely based on assumption of my gender seeing nothing else then a pair of feet in pointe shoes.

My friend list is now full of mostly insanely desperate men who have no intention of the study or play of chess but with every intention of bedding me on a desperate and pure assumption that I am a woman, and a good looking one at that.


I am a male ballet, chess and figure skating enthusiast you lunatics and I come here to PLAY AND DISCUSS CHESS. Even had I been born a woman (and an attractive one at that) it's creepy, unwelcome and disturbing. By all means drop us a friend request for anything CHESS related but it's apparent that half of my friends list wanted one thing and I'm sorry to disappointed boys but I haven't got one.

The pure desperation of it is ludicrously pathetic and its disrespectful to the chess community and to women, which I have stated I am not one of, rather hilariously. Christ almighty!!

probably guys with a foot fetish


Learn Polish today. One of the most difficult languages in the world