Simplifying the question of Fischer and Kasparov

10th July 2011, 03:03pm
by oinquarki
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There were/are about thirty players who either were world champs or were of WCC caliber, which means that there are/will be (30!=) 2.6525286 × 10^32 threads on like this, plus repeats, which would cost an estimated minimum of $______. Because the exact same things get constantly repeated in these threads, it is suggested that to conserve memory/bandwidth, etc. create codes for stuff people inevitably bring up. For example, 1=first player better, 2=second player better, 3=knowledge availability, 4=talent, 5=waffle pics, etc. In the long run, it would be much more efficient to create an algorithm to simplify these posts than to store this much raw info. However, no information would be lost, because any post with anything original or well-thought-out would remain as is. This post could be coded as 0.

The purpose of this thread is to create a complete and easily accessible database of such code numbers. All cliches submitted by members will be added to the database and then sorted by frequency. When there are enough items to significantly reduce the bulk of the forum garbage, mods will begin editing people's posts in pointless threads to these lighter alternatives.

0. This.
a[n]. people who say [n] are good
b[n]. people who say [n] are bad
  1. first player better
  2. second player better
  3. knowledge availability
  4. talent
  5. waffles
  6. this post
  7. domination of contemporaries
  8. king lenny
  9. chuck norris
  10. aesthetic appearance of games
  11. declaring the thread stupid
  12. declaring they are laving the thread
  13. bs statistics

A monkey can play six tambourines simultaniously. One with each limb, one with his tail, and one more in his mouth. The monkey wins!!


OK I think it is very simple, Bobby Fisher he is much better than anybody and Mr. Karpov he would not even have a chance!


Added 6. this post.



bagwis_9 wrote:

at their prime they dominated the context!

Excellent one!


I'm surprised no staff members have expressed any interest in the idea; after all, it is for the financial success of the site that I'm doing this. Perhaps I should have put this in the suggestions forum?

EDIT: There we go - they should see it now; I hope they think (it's) a0(-kay).*cringe*


Mr. ivan you must have very many freequent flyer miles, you move so many times!!