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Tell Me Why...

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    No one has joined our Master's Bulletin Group???


    There are GMs *wating* in the group to answer your questions about chess! Waiting to help *you* understand the Bulletin content even better! And overall, just engage and be awesome with YOU! So stop making this a YOU problem and join the group!

    *sighs. glad I got that off my chest* Tongue Out

    Now, more importantly, WHY have you not subscribed to the Master's Bulletin???

    I'm not joking, and this is not an advertisement. I really want your feedback: What is it about this magazine that is missing the mark for *you*? 

    For beginners, is it too advanced?

    For premium members, are you upset that it's an *extra* cost outside of the Diamond Membership?

    If it's not a financial issue, did you simply not find the content interested enough?

    Were you just not aware this new feature existed? In other words, is it a "Chess.com Problem" that we haven't gotten the word out enough?

    Look, there is no denying that our main *target audience* for this magazine is the "serious tournament player" (I would say the majority of the content is geared towards 1800-2300 level players). And that level of players does not make up the majority of our membership base Wink.

    There is even content that I, as an International Master, find very interesting, challenging, and instructive. BUT all that said, there is still a lot that can be gained by the motivated learner, from any high quality chess content, even those players of a lower level. Right? And I *know* so many of you want to get better!

    There are indeed plans to launch a "Grandmaster Tips for Beginners" column that will also be included, and exclusive to the Bulletin (starting in March). Is that something many of our members would find enticing?

    In short:

    What can we do / what would you like to see the Bulletin *add* to make it more worth your while?

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    Oh, and the latest issue is here:


    With the back dated issues (many available for FREE) here:


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    I've never heard of it before, I'll check it out.

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    it might help if it was on the home page...

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    I'm so broke Danny, so broke.

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    Also it needs more screen time, push it everywhere.

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    For me, it is too expensive for what I would be able to get out of it. I'm at a too low level to justify the extra cost. I would love to read it though, and would be very happy if it was included in, say, the diamond membership. (I was quite interested in the 1.b3 article, for example.)

    It might also help if it was easier to purchase. Since you already have our credit card details (for auto-renewal), some kind of one-click purchase would be convenient.

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    Little too expensive for what I'd get out of it.

    Also I didn't even know it was there like the others are saying.

    Lastly, Im already paying for a similar feature somewhere else.

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    Daniel, I usually go to my games and then the forums. p-wnattack is onto something-if it's not on the homepage, many will surely miss it.

    I'm sure this thread will help, though.

    Also, if the target audience is the serious tournament player, please consider the approximate number of those here.

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    I indeed knew it existed, and I thought it was prized too high for 20-30 pages of pdf file. As mentioned above even when larger diffusion I would not expect lots of subscriptions

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    I'm on Chess.com every day, and this is the first time I've heard of this group. Very possibly this is a *me* problem, but just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents Smile

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    Fins0905 wrote:

    I'm on Chess.com every day, and this is the first time I've heard of this group. Very possibly this is a *me* problem, but just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents 

    well, people being blind doesn't help :P

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    How about this.

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    Is trolling allowed there?

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    Well the people are working very hard in there to make the Bulletins, will be very disappointed to have trolls there.

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    Well that sounds like a good place for me,I hate trolls.

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    Yeah, trolling would be cool.................

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    Maybe the 1st issue could be Dan, just to get people interested, kinda a promotion.

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    Have the 1st issue free as a promotion.

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