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Two pieces are better than one

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    A great study by Sergey Mikhailovich Kaminer (1908-1938), a chess genius who died at a very young age. The winning mechanism is extremely elegant. White is a piece up, but to win he must take another Black piece. How?

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    Very nice. That study did not appear in "888 Miniature Studies" by Kasparyan.
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    Liburkin wrote:
    Very nice. That study did not appear in "888 Miniature Studies" by Kasparyan.

    Likely because it's not a miniature (up to seven pieces), but a Meredith (up to twelve pieces). Anyway- the final mating position is really spectacular.

    BTW, nice nickname! I have already posted a classic study of Mark Savelevich, here:


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    Zowie, what a mate!

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    That is a very intricate placement to achieve checkmate

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    Pure beauty!  Once again, GM Frendzas has delighted the community with his subtle brilliance.  Thank you.

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    I like these sorts of puzzles, which are short, have few pieces, and are just beautiful.

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    I would never get this right if I was playing white. Never.

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    o my god what is this?!
    This is a Unique Puzzle, please Annotate maybe!! 

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    they are fun and good for study. But a puzzle with unlogical happenings is impossible for me to solve. (I didnt even find move 1 btw :) )

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    the film "dumb and dumber" is looking more and more of a classic at this point, fedtel. i know of someone who'd be impressed.

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    you could try telling an easy joke to it.

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    FEDTEL wrote:

    I am Impressed, but who's the dumb there? Houdini?

    Don't you have a mirror in your bathroom?

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    Oh, OK. I have yours, too. You are very cute.

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    Boy, Alexander Woollcott and Dorothy Parker sure can jest, can't they?

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    A perfect example of beauty in chess.  I seriously would have leapt for joy if I found this mate in a real game.

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    I just hope you have one of those spill-proof drink thingies.

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    nice puzzle!


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