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How old were you when you learned chess?

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    Don't remember, 6-8

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    What's chess?

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    I'm still learning the moves.

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    i guess as an adult, but im still learning the most basic stuff

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    14.  But unfortunately I only stayed with it for a few months.  (My proof of the value of starting young is that I still remember things I learned at 14, but I can be totally clueless about something I "learned" last week.)

    Anyhow I took up chess again at age 30 ("Fischer fever").  Soon enough to enjoy and love the game:  too late,  I think,  to get really strong -- a big factor being very limited time to spend on it.   

    I'm now 70.  I may be getting old,  but chess never does!

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    you are right i still can remember the magazines and the nice looking girls i saw when i was 14...

    be happy sometimes i even forget what i learned yesterday in chess.

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    Nine, ten. I really can't remember. But I only started again very recently, so I haven't improved a whole lot since then.

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    8. Self-taught from a Reinfeld coffeetable book.

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    varelse1 wrote:

    What's chess?

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    14. I dont remember many details of my first game, but will never forget my opponent saying "checkmate" after, I don't know, 3 or 4 moves

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    linuxblue1 wrote:

    8. Self-taught from a Reinfeld coffeetable book.

    Freddie had one of those?

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    I learned how to set up the board at 4 or 5. (Like, 8 years ago). Then I started playing more. Read more on my "about me" on my profile!

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    5 or 6.....but took it more serious after grandpa passed away

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    how come Annabella?

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    A few days ago, at age 73, I began learning the game of chess by completing the Chess for Dummies  book. In those few days,  I've learned how much more there is to be learned and am looking forward to the challenge.

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    Heleyson, you're awesome! 

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    10 or 11, but I thought chess was so boring. Then in my 20's played a lot of club, online and tourney backgammon. Dice and the doubling cube make things SO interesting. Only been a couple years now I've really found the beauty of chess, and now I'm hooked.

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    AndyClifton wrote:
    linuxblue1 wrote:

    8. Self-taught from a Reinfeld coffeetable book.

    Freddie had one of those?

    Reinfeld does not take kindly to such insinuations from an oven mitt.

    The book had huge pictures. The first game that I played through was a Ruy Lopez in which black took the Rop gambit and lost.

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