Moving Two Pieces in One Move HACK


The rules of chess clearly state that on any given turn, only ONE piece can move and pieces CANNOT JUMP over each other (except for the knight). However, I have seen thousands of players on violate these basic rules.

For example, in this game my opponent (White) moved their rook to f1 and moved their king TWO squares to the right, even though the rules of chess state that kings can only move one square. The king also somehow managed to jump over the rook. All this happened in ONE move!

In the above example, this cheat was harmless, but in this game, I lost a whole rook because of it:


Here, the rook moved to d1 and delivered check, and the king moved two squares to the left, attacking my rook and jumping over the rook in the process. This caused me to lose a whole rook. I resigned the game immediately and reported my opponent.

I have no clue how these hackers accomplish this. I have reported every single one of them. However, NONE of them had their accounts closed despite using an egregious cheat.

Hackers, YOU CALL THIS A FAIR GAME????? You violate some of the most basic laws of chess. Then you take away my points! Cheaters!


Since has not done ANYTHING to fix this cheat for years, I can conclude that the site is in support of the hackers. I am leaving this site. I am DONE playing chess on From now on, I will play chess on [removed].org

Disclaimer: Please excuse my terrible trolling skills


You're bad at trolling. This topic wont get much traffic.

llama wrote:

You're bad at trolling. This topic wont get much traffic.

Thats only because @knightattack1567 doesn't have a lot of followers


I was under the impression that these hackers would put an end to this nonsense after the public became aware of the whole onpondosdont scheme, but this is absolutely egregious. I hope finds an effective way to fix this glitch. As GMSerper said, these hackers are far, far worse than thieves. 

I agree this is so true! You hackers! The mods will have to do something

I'm surprised nobody has done anything about it yet. The mods are letting the Cheaters reign supreme!

are you sure ur not talking about castling?
AquamarineWalnut wrote:
are you sure ur not talking about castling?

I take it you are among the castle-head teleportation cult? REPORTED. 


it is castling, a basic of chess. I think you are tryingg to get a lot of people to respond  like the 

"en passant hack" forum


Way to go, 2k0. You and @KnightAttack1567 have fooled the innocent, but not me!


I forgot, I was gonna ignore you and get on with my life.

yeah, that is most defintly castling
Interesting 👍

That's castling, a basic rule of chess

CoolBoi wrote:

That's castling, a basic rule of chess



Ignore this, just a stupid troll post like that en passant one.

AquamarineWalnut wrote:
are you sure ur not talking about castling?

castling? BUT ISN'T CASTLE A PEICE???? i am confused.

Castling is a move rook is a piece (Ik this is a troll (1/10 knightAttack), he sounds like he doesn’t know so he)

0/10 your trolling career doesn't look good


aah more hacking