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a little help please?

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    Just took a youtube lesson and the GM got to this point and said that white is obviously better here and white won the game. Well, I don't see how white is obviously better here and I would prob lose 50% of the games from this position. What am I missing here? What should white's plan be at this point? In the video white's plan before this point was to focus on black's d6 weakness. ps fyi it's a screenshot not a vid. If you keep trying to play the video you've been playing too much chess. Get out of the house, get some air.

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    The position is from a hedgehog type structure where black plays more passive. The idea of the position is take control of the open file and put pressure on d6, but I don't agree that the position is winning for white. The position looks equal to me, with white having a slight advantage.

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    Just realized I was thinking in terms of blitz, the GM was probably talking about standard time controls. In a 5 2 game anything can still happen here I don't see any tactical advantages just slight positional ones. Unless we're missing something big here. Thanks Lazy.

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    My 1st thought was that e5 looks real good, I'd probably play that. I'm letting stockfish have a look-see.....

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    Smirnov was it?

    At the top level that space advantage is probably positionally won.

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    Yea Smirnov! He's done a few amazing videos so I'm not putting him down. Sometimes I feel like all GM's need is a slight positional advantage and they forget that us mortals need a few extra pawns to feel comfortable.

    @lazy that looks even worse for white not sure what you mean. I don't think a GM would play Bb2 but what do i know.

    Maybe Bh3 and f4? I'm prob way off here. Or push the B pawn and Rc1..

    What did stockfish say?


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