a wonderful move or a mistake? move 35 Rxh6

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    the coumpter told me this was a mistake but im not sure i belive it was a good move i would be greatful for comments

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    the idea of this move was to clear the pawns for a pawn rush 

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    of course that is a bad move it is like sating two bishops against two rooks, you won't have time to promote but nice checkmate

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    thank you but i still disagree that bishop was very powerful and it gave me the chance for a counter attack but maybe your right im not sure

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    Unfortunately for Black, he decided to hand over his king to you.  It looks like he had 39... Rxd5 (40 Qb7+ Rf7 41 Qxd5 Qe1+; 40 Bf2 Qg4 41 Qb7+ Rd7).

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    I think 35 Rxh6 should lose.  On move 37 black can play Qh5.  What follows is a reasonable line that leaves black with a winning position up a rook for a bishop. (38 Qxa5   Qd1+, 39 Kh2    Qxc2,  40 Bc4  Rxd3, 41 Bxd3  Qxd3)

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    i see the ponit but i think it may have put me in a better postion

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    before i was losing

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    Or black avoids the complications and simply plays 35...Rxe6 36. Rxh7+ Kxh7 37. Bxe6, stays the exchange up and wins the endgame?

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    37...Rc8 might cause problems. 38. Qxa5 Rxc2 followed by 38...Rfc8 with the idea of sacrificing back the rook for a bishop and white is in trouble.

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    One other thing can be said.  White's position at move 35 is getting desparate and there is nothing better.  Retreating the queen just leads to further pawn pushes by black driving back white's queen, rook and bishop and giving black an overwhelming position.

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    Practically a strong choice, giving white excellent attacking chances against the king, and a few passed pawns on the queenside. And now black has to prove that his material advantage is winning.

    Theoretically, if this is even usefull to know as it is the practical which matters, it might be dubious.

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    chessarran8 wrote:

    before i was losing

    You still were.

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