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Beginner Game

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    Hello all,

    I can't seem to post the game I would like to be reviewed (I'm on a phone). It's the most recent game I played.

    I have been playing chess since May now and have had one lesson with a professional here in Orlando.

    I am going to post more games but I wanted to see how I was doing. Thanks!

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    This one?

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    Yes thank you very much Rooperi!

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    I dont see any very serious mistakes until your opponents last move

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    I don't particularly like 8. Bxc6. After 8...bxc6, black has the b-file and strong central presence to work with.

    9...Bxd4 was a little too cooperative; better perhaps was 9...exd4 10. Nxd4 Bd7 or something. After the text black's piece coordination was a little off.

    14. Nd5 looks like a strong move.

    Your opponent's last move was a losing blunder. Not much else to say.


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