Bending but not Breaking


I broke.  Now that I think about it, taking the c7 pawn with my rook instead of immediately taking the knight on d4 was better, and perhaps would have given me a chance to win the game.  However, this game was a story about positional play, and I want your analysis on it.

If you don't mind, of course =]


ouch destroyed, just outplayed


Could i get analysis?  Haha


I think that 25. Ne3 would have saved you

I was actually the one who screwed up

According to the info at the top, you were the winner. In any event, I think that if you had played e6+ you could have gained a small advantage, as it would give you a line toward his king. Also playing Ne3 would stop mate, and ...Nxf2+ could be countered with Rxf2.


Oh, thank you, I need to change that.  I apologize for the misunderstanding.


I missed plenty of opportunities to fight back, and I'm thankful for your advice, I have been studying this game.