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Blown Endgame

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    I just played this game and although I'm extremely tired from work and lack of sleep - it's not an excuse.  I somehow managed to blow this endgame and throw away a game I should have won.  

    I'm doing some analysis of it right now but I would appreciate any feedback you can give me on how I should have played this differently.

    My perspective: A player with 0 USCF games played yet (changing soon) and less than a full year of experience online. 

    The time controls were 30/0.


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    At barely over 1200, my humble opinions are quite humble ...

    In short, I would suggest that you were focused so much on offense, you forgot about defense; focused so much on what you could do to your opponent that you forgot to consider what your opponent could do to you.

    I do it all the time ...

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    My analysis
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys.  

    Yeah I was in time trouble, too.  I did get into a tactical mess at the end there but I was trying to just do something to win a piece back.  

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    28. Bxc7 wins the exchange; 28. Bxc7 Rxe4 29. Rxe4 Rxc7 30. Re8+ Nf8 and I'm enjoying white.

    In general when your opponent counterattacks when his piece is hanging, 50% of the time it's a bad idea which loses stuff. Like here. Always calculate it out.

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    This wasn't a blown endgame.  You just blundered.

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    You had some chances to get a really clear advantage out of the opening.


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