Can the Queen withstand the two Rooks in this game?


Just by looking at the starting position , do you think that Black can hold a draw despite being a pawn down , as it happened in the game ?

By looking at the engine White advantage is + 1.5 / +1.7 all the time, but it never goes above that.



Quite a difficult question.

I think it is not possible for White to win this against an engine which will defend accurately for unlimited time.

But there are certain chances to grind down a human opponent by hiding the king at h2-h3 and advancing the extra pawn on the queenside while looking for a chance to sac both rooks for the queen - e.g. by using the f-pawn as a battering ram resp. by attacking Blacks f-pawn with both rooks. But surely Black has good chances to give perpetual check.

So it comes down to who is more fit and has the stronger will to fight for a very long time ...


From the initial position, I would try h3, Ra4 and then Rd1-d5 or Re1-e5. If you make a passer it is over. Perpetuals might still be blocked by g3 or f4. 

I don't know if white wins, but it is certain the queenside only has a perpetual. White doesn't have to win a pawn, a3 and b4 is already enough. 


Thank you guys . IMO The white king can get an haven on h2 and if you play Ra4 the rook and the two queenside pawns are protected while the other rook is free to attack, but it's unclear if the fast black queen can allow white to consolidate at all ...


Possibly, Re1-e4 is even stronger. Now b4 threatens to make a passer and even g5 + Qc7+ does not help: f4 + Rxf4 fortifies the diagonal. White is free to make a passer and does not even try to win a pawn.