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Computer says I have a score 10.36 but dunno why.

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    Go to the last move...  The computer says that I, as white, have a score of 10.34.  I have no clue how to capitalize on this position.  The game was timed so I offered the draw.  Any ideas would be really helpful.  Thanks.

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    Bxe4+ wins

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    52. Bxe4+

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    you could always try to hold up as black and see how the computer breaks it.

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    Oh I see because its check... I either win the bishop or it becomes certian that I can queen my d pawn.  Thanks a lot folks! Smile

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    I think is a way to give values to a position... 1 pawn = 1pt....  a knight or bishop = 3 pts.    a rook 5... the rest is about position and such.  So according to the computer my position is better than being up a queen.  I wasnt seeing why that was so I asking for some help to figure it out.  A few folks above did.  Super helpful.

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    666AAA666 wrote:

    So, there is a score for each piece(well known to all) and a score for position? And computer gives to white better score position than black??

    it's a general score to your position ... if most often if it's a positive score it means advantage for white and a negative score is advantage for black . usually a score of above 1.00 is already a decisive advantage and white should win with correct play ,  a score of 10.00 is a resignable position for black .

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    Get on the tactics trainer every day.  You would see this move if you did.


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