I hate myself for missing this..


I was way down on the clock, so I'm going to put this one down to time trouble...


I'm sure you can guess what *I* did here... Yell (Good thing I didn't end up losing on time, or this would have made me really upset.)

Back to Tactics Trainer I go......


Easy to miss. I didn't see it after looking for 30 seconds! Embarassed


You shouldn't be upset.  It's not popping right out at you and I imagine most people who read this thread will spot it only because it is presented as a position with a strong tactic. 


Thanks! You guys are kind. :)

Of course, I went for the simple fork. What is annoying is that, before I went ahead and played Qxh7? on the 2nd move, I looked at the Queenside and thought "There's probably a mate in there somewhere, but I don't have time to look for it!"


I agree


I wish my bad moves won a rook and left me a piece up with a won game.


Haha! - Yes, if only they all did.

Of course, I make plenty of bad moves that don't leave things so favorable.

But really, that's why I thought this one was sort of instructive: After Qg8+ Kb7, would I have found the mate if there were no Rook on h7?

I'd like to think/hope so! :)


This isn't very easy to spot unless you know patterns.