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Interesting Endgame Draw

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    And if 2. Kb8 is there a draw?

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    yes, if Kg8, then Kg6.

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    You mean 2Kb8, but the question is a good one.

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    meelyman wrote:

    yes, if Kg8, then Kg6.

    2Kb8 Kb6

    3a7   K whereever

    4a8=Q and no stalemate, routine KQ vs lone K from there.

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    oh...good point!

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    meelyman wrote:

    yes, if Kg8, then Kg6.

    Thanks for that.

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    agree with BIGKINAK! Thanks for that. Meelyman! SO himself!

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    here's a better one :)

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    This is elementary K+p vs K endgame stuff. It can only be genuinely "interesting" to those who right after learning the rules proceeded to try aping GMs by memorizing opening lines, rather than learning some basic endgames. 

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    meelyman wrote:

    here's a better one :)

    NO-NO, you made a mistake there. 5 ... Kd8 should lose for Black, White must play 6 Ke6. I think.....

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    Alternatively, 6. Kd6 Ke8 7. Ke6 also wins.

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    hehe oops...

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    i will get one right...

     how about this one?
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    or this?
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    This is just a puzzle I made... it's checkmate in one move.

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