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Looking for a little extra analysis on a recent OTB game.

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    So, I recently played the game with an amateure opponent (playing black). I'm only about intermediate level, but am looking to improve. So, I analysed this game to the best of my ability, and am interested in other people's thoughts. 

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    I don't see any picture of a score-sheet, game diagram, or manually written game notation. I'd look over the game for you if you can do one of those.

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    For some reason the board didn't post so I'll try again.

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    Hi Kieth!

    Ok.  Mistakes as I see them.

    First, when someone opens with king pawn, if you return pawn c7 to c5 that will give you more strength in the middle.  You want your pawns in the middle and if you attack from the sides towards the middle (like using the bishop pawn) you can better accomplish this.

    Second, when he dropped the bishop to b5, you should attack.  Move knight c6 to d4.  That way you threaten the bishop and his knight and he will have to take your knight with his.  Then you advance your pawn up a space into his territory and you can secure it easily.

    Ok. . . I have just seen you take his king pawn with your queen.  I have NOT seen what he does next but you have just given up your queen because your queen and your king are lined up and all he has to do it move his castle over and you lose the queen.  Let's see if I'm right.


    NEVER line up your queen and your king without paying attention to bishops and castles.

    From there it was all down hill

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    Try playing your own rating or above, though the game should serve as a lesson to him, and you are the instructive higher rated player in this game.  He didn't see Qxe4 being a blunder because he didn't go over his checks, captures, and threats. 


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