Sloppy attack loses game.


better might have been 17. Bxe8, if 17 ... Bxa1 then 18. Qf7++

It trades bishops and saves your rook as far as i can tell



Some quick thoughts. 3.e3 is a perfectly good move, but need to know how to play the IQP position's after 3...e5. In main-line 3.Nf3 Nf6 then 4.e3 white stops e5, but some people think the IQP position's are good for white. 3... Be6 is weird but strong players have tried it. Don't really like 4.Nc3 because it doesn't get to grips with Be6 or c4 pawn. Would prefer something like 4Nf3 c6 5a4 Nf6 when can regain pawn smoothly with Nb1-d2, or Na3. More ambitiously could try 4Ne2 intending Nf4. Pawn sac 5b3 looks a bit desperate, maybe better 5Nf3 c6 6a4. 6...h5 and 7...Nd5 look like poor moves by black.12Bb2 white will have very good play for pawn, 12Ne5 doesn't look good. I think you are right about 13Nxf7 don't think it works, you don't have enough peices in active positions. If 17Bxe8 then just 17...Qxe8 don't think white has anything then.


Just to say that I think TwoMove's analysis is nice and valuable.

In addition, after 7. Nd5 you say you don't want to retreat and therefore an exchange is fine. There's another option that I woudl have probably taken which is to support your knight on c3 with a developing move such as Bb2. Ok, he can exchange knights but then you have a bishop on c3 attacking his king side.  By not exchanging the knights yourself and developing your bishop you build tension. Whereas your move Nxd5 removes the tension and is pretrt drawish.

I think it's ok to chace the bishop with your panws but I agree that 12. Ne5 is too far. You are not developed. What about putting your king safe? Or developing that bishop on c1 to b2 before moving the knight again? After all, the your knight move on e5 is not really threatening anything other than another exchange (on d7) or a poor sacrifice on f7. 

After Nxf7 you just don't have enough pieces out to assist your queen. To some extent you have not looked after your development. 

Thanks for sharing your game though - it was interesting.


I'm definitely worse than you are, so I'm not sure if I'm really in the position to say much, but I think that you should've castled before going on the offensive (if that was even the right choice), especially since your moves were opening up the center more, making your king vulnerable.