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Morphy had some stones

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    Morphy's games are my favorite to study. And quite often, I just like to run through them for fun. The guy was brilliant.

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    how morphy really got stone & at bishop odds & twice too

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    Here's another great Morphy game. In many (most?) of the Morphy games I've played through from the book so far, M has had his king out in the open, yet he still wins. Morphy didn't seem to play many "quiet" games!

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    Keep the interesting Morphy games coming, guys.

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    You've inspired me to dig out my battered copy of Reti's 'Masters of the chessboard' which I haven't looked at since I was a kid. I particularly remember the above game from the book and Morphy's 5...Nh6 which refuted White's concept, compared to the 'natural' 5...Ne5 which would give white a much improved version.

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    Immortal Morphy happy.png

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    Some instructive alternative lines in the game vs Meek.


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    the meek inherited dust.

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    That game in the original post is just sick.  I'd never seen it before -- thanks!

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    kidney stones?

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    Another great Morphy win, this time at rook odds. Love the way M castles into checkmate - I wonder how rare that is?


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