MSL Conference Round 3

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    Here is Round 3 at board 1.

    I finished the meet with 2 wins and 1 loss.  This earned me 3rd place at my board which I got a bronze medal for.  I was very pleased with the results.  What could I have done better this game?

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    I remember this game! I saw the clock and he had less then 10 minutes and you had like 56 minutes! 25. Nd2 Rd4, that was a nice move. Attacking the Rook and the Knight

    Gotta love backrow mate. Good game. I want to see you go against Prospects first board, Robert Moskawa. That would be interesting! 

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    I have gone against him.  I lost. lol

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    Ya I remember seeing this game while I was watching your game, moskwa's game, hiro's game, and charles's game (Schaumburg First Board). I was like- either he went really fast or that guy is going really slow. And I thought I took a long time!

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    @ZaneYosif didn't you also play Kyle as board 1?

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    Zane demolished him with his so called "untamed Queens Gambit"

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    :D Queen's Gambit can't be tamed!!!!!!

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    So Zane, does that mean you beat Kyle with the queens gambit?

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    Zane, I beat you multiple times going against and for Queen's Gambit.....

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