My Game


Can anyone explain/mentor/discuss this game with me? I would really like to improve my play and see what I do wrong. I lost this game on time.


Well the first thing is to avoid blunders. For example you could've won this game if on move 4,5 or 6 you played Qxf7#. Also later (move 16) you should have played Be2 to save your bishop and defend from the fork. If you want to avoid blunders play games with long time limits and take as long as you need on each move.

The second thing is development. You should develop most or all of your pieces, bringing the queen out later rather than sooner. In this game you brought your queen out too early and left your queen side largly undeveloped.

The third thing is king safety. While you castled early (that's good), you weakened your kingside by playing g3. You should never push pawns forward if they're in front of your castled king, unless doing so if useful. g3 in the game above wasn't useful. Lastly you shouldn't move your king toward the center of the board until the endgame as it leaves him open to attack. Try to always keep your king on the back rank until he is needed.


Blunders are my main problem